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Los Angeles County, CA March 3, 2009 Election
Measure SM-C
Term Limits
City of San Marino

Advisory Vote Only

Pass: 2612 / 80.9% Yes votes ...... 617 / 19.1% No votes

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Shall the terms of members of the City Council be limited to two (2) four (4) year consecutive terms, with a hiatus of two (2) years before being eligible to hold offi ce again as a Member of the City Council? .

  Official Information

City of San Marino
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Arguments For Measure SM-C
This measure, if passed, would be a non-binding recommendation by the citizens of San Marino that would declare it the policy of the City of San Marino that no member of the City Council should serve more than two consecutive terms. It does not apply to a Council Member who serves two consecutive terms, and then runs again for the Council after being off of the Council for two or more years.

The hallmark of San Marino is a citizenry of exceptional ability with a desire to serve their community. We should all want as many of our highly qualifi ed citizens as possible to run for seats on the Council and to serve. This measure will encourage them to do so, with new approaches and ideas. At the same time, it will preserve the experience of those who wish to serve two consecutive terms and by continuing our system of staggered elections, where two or three of the fi ve Council seats are up for election every two years. It is noteworthy that our current City Council, including three incumbents who have served two or more terms, has voted to place this measure on the ballot. Our Council, like so many of our citizens, recognizes the value of encouraging new candidates and new perspectives.

This measure combines the best features of Term Limits with maximum choice and flexibility for voters and candidates. While recommending that incumbents limit themselves to two consecutive terms, it encourages a wide range of alternative choices and options for candidates and voters. For each Council seat, either electing a new member, or re-electing an incumbent for a second term, or electing any former Council Member who is not an incumbent. This would bring about the best of both worlds for our community and our city government.

Eugene Sun
Council Member

本議案如獲通過,將成為San Marino市市民就San Marino 市任期政策提出的一項不具約束力的建議;此建議規定任 何市議會議員均不得連任兩屆以上任期。該議案不適用於 連任兩屆任期並隨後在兩年或更長時間以後再次競選的市 議會議員。

San Marino市的特點在於它是一個擁有卓越能力並樂於為 社區服務的公民城市。我們應盡量讓更多的優秀公民競選 市議會席位,並為本市服務。此議案將帶來新的方法和理 念,為他們提供這種機會。同時,此議案保留了我們的交 錯選舉制度,即每隔兩年,五個市議會席位中都會空出兩 至三個席位,供希望連任兩屆的候選人競選,以便他們利 用自己的經驗為本市服務。值得注意的是,現任市議會議 員均投票贊成將該議案列入選票,包括三名已任兩屆或兩 屆以上任期的現任市議會議員。我們的市議會與很多市民 都持有相同的價值觀,贊成鼓勵新候選人和新觀點。

此議案既有任期限制的優點,又充分增加了選民和候選人 的選擇範圍和靈活性。此議案雖然建議將現任者的任期限 制為連任兩屆,但同時也為候選人和選民提供了多種其他 選擇和方案。對於每個市議會席位,選民都可以選擇由新 的市議會議員出任,或重新選擇現任者連任,也可選擇由 並非現任者的前市議會議員出任。對於本社區和本市政府 而言,這是一項兩全其美的議案。

Eugene Sun
市議會議員 反

(No arguments against Measure SM-C were submitted)

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