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Los Angeles County, CA March 3, 2009 Election
Directory of Los Angeles County, CA Measures
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Measure Bellflower-A. Utility User Tax Continuation & Modernization -- City of Bellflower (Ordinance - Majority Approval Required)
Pass: 2592 / 81.8% Yes votes ...... 578 / 18.2% No votes
Shall an ordinance be adopted, without raising tax rates, to continue and modernize Bellflower's utility users' tax on telecommunications services to fund vital services, including Sheriff's services/neighborhood patrols; school safety programs; grafitti removal; gang/drug prevention/enforcement programs; after-school activities; senior/disabled residents' services; library services; and other general fund services; exempting low-income residents, requiring equal treatment of taxpayers regardless of technology used, audits, citizen oversight committee, public expenditure review/local control of revenues?

Measure BH-P. Revised Method for Calculating Certain Business License Taxes -- City of Beverly Hills (Majority Approval Required)
Fail: 1163 / 20.3% Yes votes ...... 4559 / 79.7% No votes
Shall the ordinance that amends the method for calculating certain business taxes in the City of Beverly Hills to increase locally controlled revenue for city services and operations—such as, police, fire, paramedics, parks, and street repair—by converting the per barrel flat tax on oil companies, and the per employee flat tax on certain other businesses—including, professionals and commercial parking operations—to taxes based on gross receipts or gross payroll, be adopted?

Measure Carson-C. Vital City Services Protection -- City of Carson (Ordinance - Majority Approval Required)
Pass: 7463 / 69.4% Yes votes ...... 3287 / 30.6% No votes
Shall an ordinance be adopted to protect residents' health, maintain current levels of city services including deputy sheriff's patrols, 9-1-1 emergency response, youth recreation programs, Meals on Wheels for homebound seniors, Stroke Recovery Center, gang prevention/ intervention programs, graffiti removal, pothole repair, park maintenance, and other general City services, by establishing a 2% utility users' tax, exempting seniors and low-income households, with citizens' oversight and independent annual audits, requiring the ordinance end after 7 years?

Measure Cudahy-R. Utility User Tax Reduction and Modernization -- City of Cudahy (Ordinance - Majority Approval Required)
Pass: 972 / 89.8% Yes votes ...... 111 / 10.2% No votes

Measure Gardena-A. Utility User Tax Update -- City of Gardena (Ordinance - Majority Approval Required)
Pass: 2,203 / 86.0% Yes votes ...... 360 / 14.0% No votes
Without raising current tax rates and maintaining the exemptions for low income residents, shall an ordinance be adopted to help preserve funding for critical City services, including police and fire protection, 911 emergency response, senior support services and pothole repairs by updating the utility users tax to include new technologies; treating all taxpayers equally regardless of technology used and requiring public review of expenditures, annual independent audits and no tax increase without voter approval?

Measure Glendora-C. Retail Uses in Planning Area B -- City of Glendora (Majority Approval Required)
Pass: 3362 / 69.6% Yes votes ...... 1465 / 30.4% No votes

Charter Amendment LA-A. Fire Department Independent Assessor -- City of Los Angeles (Charter Amendment - Majority Approval Required)
Pass: 132,037 / 53.2% Yes votes ...... 116,042 / 46.8% No votes
Shall the Charter be amended to empower the Board of Fire Commissioners to appoint and remove an Independent Assessor, exempt from Civil Service, who shall be responsible for auditing, assessing and reviewing the Fire Department's handling of complaints against sworn and civilian employees?

Charter Amendment LA-B. Green Energy and Good Jobs for Los Angeles Program -- City of Los Angeles (Charter Amendment & Ordinance - Majority Approval Required)
Fail: 129,925 / 49.5% Yes votes ...... 132,569 / 50.5% No votes
Shall the Charter and Administrative Code be amended to authorize creation of a Los Angeles Department of Water and Power program to require production of at least 400 megawatts of solar power energy by 2014; provide for voluntary participation in the program by commercial, industrial, and institutional customers to allow installation of solar power systems on their property which would be operated and maintained by the Department in exchange for potential incentives; establish a jobs program and training academy to meet program participation demand; provide contract bid preferences for local solar power equipment manufacturers; require quarterly oversight committee reports and annual City Controller audit; and utilize a variety of funding mechanisms?

Charter Amendment LA-C. Disabled Children Survivor Benefit of the Fire and Police Pension Plan -- City of Los Angeles (Charter Amendment - Majority Approval Required)
Pass: 168,786 / 67.0% Yes votes ...... 83,134 / 33.0% No votes
Shall the Charter be amended to allow disabled children of deceased members of the Fire and Police Pension Plan to marry or be adopted without losing their Dependent Child benefits and to provide additional options for the payment of benefits belonging to disabled children of deceased members that do not increase the amount of the benefits being paid?

Charter Amendment LA-D. Survivor Benefit Purchase Program for Retirees of the Fire and Police Pension Plan -- City of Los Angeles (Charter Amendment - Majority Approval Required)
Pass: 176,950 / 70.7% Yes votes ...... 73,212 / 29.3% No votes
Shall the Charter be amended to allow retired members of the Fire and Police Pension Plan to purchase, at their own expense, a survivor benefit for a spouse or domestic partner?

Charter Amendment LA-E. Economic Incentives for Business Development -- City of Los Angeles (Charter Amendment - Majority Approval Required)
Fail: 119,943 / 47.7% Yes votes ...... 131,272 / 52.3% No votes
Should the Los Angeles City Charter be amended to clearly express the authority of the City of Los Angeles to provide incentives to businesses that will encourage economic development and provide public benefits to the City of Los Angeles and its residents?

Measure LHH-G. Fire and Life-safety Services -- City of La Habra Heights (Ordinance - Majority Approval Required)
Pass: 893 / 81.6% Yes votes ...... 201 / 18.4% No votes
Shall an Ordinance be adopted to renew the City's authority to spend existing revenues from the special fire tax approved by two-thirds of the City's voters in 1997 to provide essential fire and life-safety services by renewing the voter-approved amendment to the City's appropriations limits?

Measure LM-A. Transient Occupancy Tax -- City of La Mirada (Ordinance - Majority Approval Required)
Pass: 1,947 / 63.3% Yes votes ...... 1,131 / 36.7% No votes
Shall the Transient Occupancy Tax levied upon hotel/motel stays and certain other temporary lodging in the City of La Mirada be adjusted from 7 percent to 9 percent effective January 1, 2010, and to 10 percent effective January 1, 2013? ¿Debe el Impuesto a la Ocupación Transitoria gravado sobre las estadías en hoteles/moteles y determinados albergues temporales en la Ciudad de La Mirada ser ajustado del 7 por ciento al 9 por ciento con vigencia a partir del 1 de enero de 2010 y al 10 por ciento con vigencia a partir de 1 de enero de 2013? La Mirada 시에서의 호텔/모텔 숙박과 특정한 기타 임시 숙박에 부과되는 여행자 숙박세를 2010년 1월 1일부터 7 퍼센트에서 9 퍼센트로, 그리고 2013년 1 월 1일부터는 10 퍼센트로 조정해야 하는가?

Measure RB-A. Redondo Beach Vital Services Utility Users Tax Update Measure -- City of Redondo Beach (Majority Approval Required)
Pass: 4837 / 74.7% Yes votes ...... 1635 / 25.3% No votes
Without increasing the current tax rate, shall an ordinance be adopted to ratifying/continuing Redondo Beach's existing utility users tax funding general city services, including: 9-1-1 response, police, fire, paramedics, street/pothole repairs, parks, libraries, local ocean/beach pollution prevention and youth/senior services, maintaining low-income seniors/disabled resident exemptions, requiring equal treatment of taxpayers regardless of technology used, retaining local control, annual audits and public expenditure reviews?

Measure SG-A. Appointive City Clerk and City Treasurer -- City of San Gabriel (Majority Approval Required)
Fail: 1,049 / 47.1% Yes votes ...... 1,180 / 52.9% No votes
Shall the offices of City Clerk and City Treasurer be appointive?

Measure SM-C. Term Limits -- City of San Marino (Advisory Vote Only)
Pass: 2612 / 80.9% Yes votes ...... 617 / 19.1% No votes
Shall the terms of members of the City Council be limited to two (2) four (4) year consecutive terms, with a hiatus of two (2) years before being eligible to hold offi ce again as a Member of the City Council? .

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