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Smart Voter Full Biography for John M. Van Zandt

Candidate for
United States Senator; Republican Party

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i am an inovator and inventor. i do not have a distinct set political philsophy as it varies on each and every subject. i like solutions to problems that are reasonable and ratioanal and not inflexible one. ie. i am opposed to abortion. do i think that criminalizing it will end it? no! i ahve proposed a solution that i think will reduce and end the the greatest number of abortions. it is a carrot and stick approach. we have prisons full of soft non-addictive drug users. yet our government collects revenue on additive drugs like alcohol and tobacco. there is a drug/crime organized culture 1000 times the size of organized crime during prohibition. everyday our children are being shot and killed in gang shootings revolving around drug distribution turf. it is always better to control a drug problem rather than prohibit it which we learned in the 20's with alocohol just creates crime and does not destroy use. iin my breif life, i have created many products and services too many to mention in this space but i guarantee you use oone or more ie the first athletic shoe; snack shops in gas stations. the SPF system & the first moisturizer ever in 1950; brush-on mascaras. minivans; etc

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