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Smart Voter Political Philosophy for John M. Van Zandt

Candidate for
United States Senator; Republican Party

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i have no set philosophy as each individual problem requires a different answer. the one consistent feature of my views is that each social program that requires funding be paid for as it goes and not passed off into the future. for instance - health care. currently over 45% of us all is without any insurance. health care costs are rising 14% per year compounded. in five years, they will almost double and over 75% of all americans will be without insurance. i believe it is governments duty to provide safety from all sorts of occurances;fire;crime;ignorance(schools and libraries); health risks; and now i add the safety from illness and injury going untreated.. by proper management, we can provide health insurance for everyone through Medicare with very little. almost painless taxes. the overhead in medicare is 1.5% and in private HMOS, almost 14-15%. with set contolled pricing, doctors may lose money on each visit but they will have 2-3 times more visits and make more overall money than at present in private plans. the same goes with pharmaceutical companies. there will be double the amount of perscriptions but the profit margins will be less. of course. the overall profits will increase. there need to be greater research funded for diseases on earth rather than going to mars. lets solve our problems here and now. don't wait for the last minute when the problems are almost unmanageable. forget partisan credit and just do it!! and disqualify any politician from sponsoring; participating in; or voting on any legislation that he or she has received special interest campaign contributions. talk about a no cost way to solve the problem of campaign corruption in this country. do it now!!! !

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