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San Mateo County, CA March 2, 2004 Election
Directory of San Mateo County, CA Measures
County Results as of May 4 2:46pm, 100% of Precincts Reporting (522/522)
42.4% Countywide Voter Turnout (140,132/330,179)

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Measure 2. Regional Traffic Relief Plan -- County of Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara and Solano (Regional Measure - Majority Vote)
631,304 / 58.5% Yes votes ...... 448,771 / 41.5% No votes
   178,464 (59.55%) Yes / 121,206 (40.45%) No in Santa Clara County
   164,497 (55.6%) Yes / 131,098 (44.4%) No in Alameda County
   121,167 (51.4%) Yes / 114,766 (48.6%) No in Contra Costa County
   51285 (64.29%) Yes / 28487 (35.71%) No in Marin County
   115,891 (68.53%) Yes / 53,214 (31.47%) No in San Francisco County
   Yes / No in Solano County
Shall voters authorize a Regional Traffic Relief Plan that does the following:

(1) Directs revenues generated through the collection of bridge tolls to provide the following projects:
(A) Expand and extend BART.
(B) New transbay commuter rail crossing south of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge.
(C) Comprehensive Regional Express bus network.
(D) New expanded ferry service.
(E) Better connections between BART, buses, ferries, and rail.

(2) Approves a one dollar ($1) toll increase effective July 1, 2004, on all toll bridges in the bay area, except the Golden Gate Bridge?

Measure A. Special Tax for Fire Protection and Prevention and Extended Police Services -- San Mateo County Service Area #1 (2/3 Voter Approval Required)
937 / 70.8% Yes votes ...... 387 / 29.2% No votes
Shall Resolution No. 066343 of the County of San Mateo imposing an annual special tax for fire protection and extended police services according to the schedule therein be approved?

Measure C. Special Tax -- Portola Valley Elementary School District (2/3 Voter Approval Required)
1,958 / 72.9% Yes votes ...... 727 / 27.1% No votes
To maintain educational excellence, emphasizing science, reading, writing, and math instruction; attract and retain qualified, experienced teachers; and provide necessary educational programs and materials; shall the Portola Valley Elementary School District be authorized to continue and increase the existing annual special tax to $290 per parcel for 10 years beginning July 1, 2004 and adjust the appropriations limit annually according to statute; provide annual citizen oversight and allow exemptions for those 65 years or older?

Measure B. Special Tax -- Ravenswood City School District (2/3 Voter Approval Required)
1,683 / 74.7% Yes votes ...... 570 / 25.3% No votes
To improve students' reading, writing, math, and science skills by recruiting and retaining experienced, highly qualified teachers and support staff; and by supporting supplemental educational programs and services, shall the Ravenswood City School District levy an annual parcel tax of $98 for five (5) years, beginning July 1, 2004; and increase the District's total appropriations limit annually according to statute, with annual citizens' oversight committee audits and with exemptions available to individuals aged 65 and older?

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