To Candidates and their webmasters:

Consider linking to Smart Voter from your personal campaign website. Or you may want to tell others about the voter information you have put on your Smart Voter pages.

See Important Notes below.

Choose Your Page Name (URL)

In the event of duplicate names, all candidates with the same specified name will be listed and the user can select the one desired. We cannot guarantee the URL will always go directly to a single candidate's web page. Candidate names are usually added to Smart Voter about two months before election day, but write-in candidates are added later. And there may be multiple active elections.

Try the URL and see what happens. If your candidate name is listed on our public site now and you don't yet have a Smart Voter page, your browser should take you to your name in the candidate list. Or you will see the duplicate names listed.

If you have any questions about your URL, please contact your county coordinator or Smart Voter Central.

Three important notes

  1. If the words near your link or reference contain the name "League of Women Voters", you must include this statement (in smallest type, if you wish) near the link or reference: "The League of Women Voters neither supports nor opposes candidates for public office or political parties." Best practice: don't use our name.

  2. Be sure to test the URL you select before you use it on material. The Smart Voter project assumes no responsibility for incorrectly formed URLs that have been published.

  3. You are not allowed to use the League of Women Voters logo or the Smart Voter logo except in our ballot lookup widget.

Offer your users our Ballot Look-up

Consider offering the Smart Voter Ballot Lookup to visitors of your web site.

From your page, your visitors can type in their street address and zip code and get their personal ballot: the list of all supported contests with convenient access to Smart Voter's nonpartisan information on contests and ballot measures.

See a working example and get the code. This is the only instance where we permit you to use (a portion of ) our logo.