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Santa Clara County, CA June 6, 2006 Election
Measure J
City Property Sale
City of Saratoga

Majority Approval Required

Fail: 2,092 / 24.46% Yes votes ...... 6,462 / 75.54% No votes

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Results as of June 26 11:47am, 100.00%% of Precincts Reporting (18/18)
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Shall the sale of City-owned property at 19848 Prospect Road, Saratoga, California (also known as the "North Campus") be approved as set forth in Resolution 06-016?


Meaning of Voting Yes/No
A YES vote on this measure means:
A "yes" vote would approve the sale of the City owned property and the City would no longer own the land.

A NO vote on this measure means:
A "no" vote would terminate the sale agreement for the City owned property and the City would continue to own the land.

Impartial Analysis from the City Attorney
This measure would adopt resolution number 06-016 approving the sale of City-owned property at 19848 Prospect Road. The City owns 2.6 acres of land at that address. That resolution authorizes a sale agreement that requires the City to transfer the land to a specified buyer, requires the buyer to pay the City $6.75 million, requires the City to waive various City fees that the City Public Works Director has estimated as having a value of approximately $85,000, and specifies various other terms of the real estate transaction. The resolution also provides that if this measure is approved and the sale agreement is for some reason not implemented, the City is authorized to seek new buyers and sell the property on terms to be determined by the City Council. If the resolution is not approved, the sale agreement would not be approved and the City would continue to own the property. Copies of the resolution and sale agreement authorized by the resolution are available for public review in the office of the City Clerk at 13777 Fruitvale Avenue (408/868-1269).

A "yes" vote would approve the sale of the City owned property and the City would no longer own the land.

A "no" vote would terminate the sale agreement for the City owned property and the City would continue to own the land.

This measure must receive a majority of "yes" votes in order to pass.

/s/ Richard S. Taylor

City Attorney
City of Saratoga


Save North Campus Committee

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May 12, Friday, 7:30pm, Saratoga Library Community Room, Saratoga Ave. and Fruitvale Ave. PROS & CONS on State, County, Foothill/DeAnza College, & Saratoga Measures Sponsored by the League of Women Voters
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Arguments For Measure J Arguments Against Measure J
We recommend the sale of the city property on Prospect Road (the North Campus). This property was originally purchased so that the senior center could be moved to that site, freeing up space at the Community Center for our Sheriff's Department. This move would have allowed the sheriff to stay on city property and generate revenue from the Sheriff Department rental. This income would have offset the increasing costs of our basic services. However, this did not happen, and the Sheriff has moved to Cupertino. So, instead of generating revenue, we are spending money maintaining two properties while still paying costs for our sheriff's new location.

Saratoga City lacks sufficient income to maintain infrastructure like roads and buildings while keeping up with the ever-increasing costs of basic services like police. None of the proposals for the use of the North Campus provide much needed income; indeed all of them would increase city spending. We owe it to ourselves and to future residents of this great city to maintain infrastructure and services; to maintain the quality of life and safety all of us enjoy today.

Saratoga does not have the funds to develop and maintain a second Community Center at the North Campus. No other organization has been able to raise the funds to purchase it for public use. If the city does not sell this property, it is unlikely anything will be done to benefit the citizens of Saratoga on this property. On the other hand, with the proceeds of the sale of this property, we can improve the existing Community Center, upgrade our current facilities, and complete much needed road maintenance. We owe it to the citizens and future citizens of this city to use this asset for everyone's good.

Vote yes on Measure J.

/s/ Nick Streit

Former Mayor of Saratoga/CPA

Vote NO on Measure J. DON'T SELL Saratoga's North Campus.

The North Campus is the 2.6 acre former Grace Methodist Church property on Prospect, purchased in 2002, encompassing four buildings, flat grass and ample parking.

Grace Methodist Church sold to Saratoga at $1.4 million below highest bid, based on Saratoga's commitment to community use of the property. The Council majority now says that agreement is not legally binding, proposes to sell to developers and keep the profits. Is this ethical?

Saratoga has less than 40% of state recommended parks and open space for its population.

Saratoga's Civic Center has serious overcrowding, parking and traffic problems. Requests for community, youth, recreational and senior activities are frequently rejected for lack of space.

Previous Councils and school boards have sold land which was later needed for community activities.

It is financially irresponsible to use "one-time" revenue from asset sales, like land, for ongoing operational costs (e.g., road repair). With the City's much improved financial situation, why sell an appreciating and irreplaceable asset?

$250,000 will renovate the two most useful buildings (City Study 2/16/05). Remaining buildings can be retained, rebuilt with private donations or leased. Rental income will far exceed the $20,000/yr. property maintenance.

When asked (4/05 Survey), Saratoga's seniors overwhelmingly supported using part of North Campus for additional programs.

Healthy communities have adequate facilities for youth, seniors, recreation programs and other community groups.

Vote No on Measure J.

The League of Women Voters opposes this sale (letter: 2/11/05. See our Website: Others opposing include: Francis Stutzman, Cynthia Chang, Jennifer Sequeira, Marty Clevenger, Anandi Krishnamurthy, Marcia Fariss, Emily Lo, Katie Alexander, Cheriel Jensen, Aki Okuno, Mary Robertson, John Feemster, Cynthia Barry, Kathleen Tseng, Jeffrey Schwartz, Marge Bunyard.

/s/ Aileen Kao

Saratoga Vice Mayor
/s/ Ann Waltonsmith
Saratoga Councilmember/Former Mayor
/s/ Willys Peck
Saratoga Historian
/s/ Cynthia W. Ruby
President, Saratoga Union School District Board
/s/ John F. Mallory
Chair, Citizens Committee to save the North Campus

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