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Fresno, Kern, Kings Counties, CA March 2, 2004 Election
Candidates Answer Questions on the Issues
United States Representative; District 20; Republican Party

The questions were prepared by the League of Women Voters of California and asked of all candidates for this office.

See below for questions on Federal Resources, Foreign Policy, Federal Budget

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1. What can be done to ensure that California gets its fair share of federal resources?

Answer from Gino L. Martorana:

one of the ways to make sure that california get their fair share is to stop the federal government from forcing unfunded mandates upond us. we are being forced to pay for many social services for the millions of undocumented workers that keep coming through our federally enforced boarders. We should be compensated for the billions that we are forced to spend on them. The federal government should not be allowed to keep more then what is nessasary to fund education, military, and infrastructure.

2. What are your foreign policy priorities for the United States?

Answer from Gino L. Martorana:

we are losing millions of jobs overseas, as we can not force these companies from not useing this practice we must find a way to overcome this problem. One of the ways to combat this problem would be to tax each corp. that has employees overseas example ( $5,000.00 per employee )Then take that tax and re-invest it back into funding small business start-ups here at home and re-generate new jobs I would also like to see a balance of import and export, we should not allow a country to export to us any more then what they import from us. But we also must make a sincere effort to make our goods useable for the importing country. We must stop trying to buy friendship fo foreign countries. If we have to pay for their friendship they are not our friends, we must stop being an easy touch

3. What are your priorities for the federal budget?

Answer from Gino L. Martorana:

If we make better use of tax payers dollars we would not need tax cuts. we should start with a huge infrastructure rebuilding that would be taking the tax payers dollars and putting tax payers back to work, make a tremendous investment in eco-energy, so that we can get on the road to self sufficency. We need to rebuild this country for the ground up . As we recycle our dollars we can get ready for doing business in the new millinium. And lastly, but with a priority to be first we must re think the way we are teaching our children, Washington can no longer do business as usual, Since 9-11 we live in a new world, and we must be ready survive in this new world so we must look at things from a different perspective , we must look from the outside, in instead of inside out.

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