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San Luis Obispo County Ballot

1144 MONTEREY ST, 93408

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November 5, 2002 Election

County Results as of Nov 14 8:54am, 100% of Precincts Reporting (165/165)
58.7% Countywide Voter Turnout (82,636/140,659)

Statewide Results as of Nov 14 11:14am, 100% of Precincts Reporting (24726/24726)
48.5% Statewide Voter Turnout (7,424,799/15,303,469)

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Polling Location on November 5, 7am - 8pm
San Luis Obispo Veterans Bldg
801 Grand Ave
San Luis Obispo

(Wheelchair accessable)
Precinct 0-520
Ballot Type 61
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  • State Executive

    Governor; State of California

    Lieutenant Governor; State of California

    Secretary of State; State of California

    State Controller; State of California

    State Treasurer; State of California

    Attorney General; State of California

    Insurance Commissioner; State of California

    State Superintendent of Public Instruction; State of California

    US Congress

    United States Representative; District 23

    State Assembly

    Member; California State Assembly; District 33

    State Board of Equalization

    Member; California State Board of Equalization; District 1


    California State Supreme Court (Yes/No)

    California State Court of Appeal; District 2; Division 1 (Yes/No)

    California State Court of Appeal; District 2; Division 2 (Yes/No)

    • Judith M. Ashmann
      72.4% Yes (922,274) 27.6% No (351,712)
    • Kathryn Doi Todd
      71.1% Yes (908,004) 28.9% No (368,826)

    California State Court of Appeal; District 2; Division 3 (Yes/No)

    • Joan Dempsey Klein
      73.1% Yes (944,252) 26.9% No (346,596)

    California State Court of Appeal; District 2; Division 4 (Yes/No)

    California State Court of Appeal; District 2; Division 5 (Yes/No)

    • Richard M. Mosk
      69.3% Yes (885,277) 30.7% No (391,312)
    • Paul A. Turner
      70.0% Yes (879,946) 30.0% No (377,746)

    California State Court of Appeal; District 2; Division 6 (Yes/No)

    California State Court of Appeal; District 2; Division 7 (Yes/No)

    • Mildred L. Lillie
      70.4% Yes (895,154) 29.6% No (376,561)
    • Dennis M. Perluss
      69.2% Yes (864,976) 30.8% No (384,851)

    California State Court of Appeal; District 2; Division 8 (Yes/No)

    • Candace D. Cooper
      74.6% Yes (950,934) 25.4% No (322,932)
    • Laurence D. Rubin
      71.4% Yes (906,033) 28.6% No (363,638)
    • Paul Boland
      71.4% Yes (899,570) 28.6% No (360,035)

    Superior Court Judge; County of San Luis Obispo; Office 4


    Commissioner; Port San Luis Harbor District (2 Elected)


    Councilmember; City of San Luis Obispo (2 Elected)

    Mayor; City of San Luis Obispo


    Governing Board Member; San Luis Coastal Unified School District; Trustee Area 2 (2 Elected)

    Governing Board Member; San Luis Obispo County Community College District; Trustee Area 4

    State Propositions

    Proposition 46 Housing and Emergency Shelter Trust Fund Act of 2002
    3,895,071 / 57.5% Yes votes ...... 2,880,506 / 42.5% No votes
    Should the state create a trust fund by selling two billion one hundred million dollars ($2,100,000,000) in general obligation funds to fund twenty-one types of housing programs--including multifamily, individual and farmworker housing?

    Proposition 47 Kindergarten-University Public Education Facilities Bond Act of 2002
    4,044,743 / 59.0% Yes votes ...... 2,809,844 / 41.0% No votes
    Should the state sell thirteen billion fifty million dollars ($13,050,000,000) in general obligation bonds for construction and renovation of K-12 school facilities and higher education facilities?

    Proposition 48 Court Consolidation
    4,642,292 / 72.8% Yes votes ...... 1,735,074 / 27.2% No votes
    Should the California Constitution be amended to delete references to the municipal courts?

    Proposition 49 Before and After School Programs. State Grants
    3,857,409 / 56.6% Yes votes ...... 2,958,458 / 43.4% No votes
    Should funding for before and after school programs be substantially increased, and starting in 2004-05, should general funds be permanently earmarked for this program?

    Proposition 50 Water Quality, Supply and Safe Drinking Water Projects. Coastal Wetlands Purchase and Protection
    3,727,561 / 55.4% Yes votes ...... 3,006,792 / 44.6% No votes
    Should the state borrow three billion four hundred forty million dollars ($3,440,000,000) through the sale of general obligation bonds for a variety of water projects including coastal protection, the CALFED Bay-Delta Program, integrated regional water management, safe drinking water, and water quality?

    Proposition 51 Distribution of Existing Motor Vehicle Sales and Use Tax
    2,712,675 / 41.4% Yes votes ...... 3,839,788 / 58.6% No votes
    Should the sales and use taxes raised from the sale or lease of motor vehicles be permanently allocated to specific transportation projects?

    Proposition 52 Election Day Voter Registration
    2,745,473 / 40.6% Yes votes ...... 4,019,211 / 59.4% No votes
    Should legally eligible California residents presenting proof of current residence be allowed to register to vote on Election Day?

    Local Measures

    Measure L-02 Public Works Contracts -- City of San Luis Obispo (City Charter Amendment)
    8419 / 77.0% Yes votes ...... 2517 / 23.0% No votes
    Shall City Charter Section 901 be amended to allow maintenance related projects to be performed using a unit price contract awarded on a competitive bid basis consistent with the provisions for unit price contracts contained in Section 20128.5 of the Public Contract Code; and other public works contracts to be awarded consistent with the Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Act, Section 22000, et seq of the Public Contract Code?

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