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Santa Clara County, CA March 5, 2002 Election
Directory of Santa Clara County, CA Measures
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Measure B. Transfer of Territory -- Santa Clara-Orchard School District Transfer Area (Majority approval required)
5 / 100.0% Yes votes
0 / 0.0% No votes
For the transfer of territory from Santa Clara Unified School District to East Side Union and Orchard School Districts.

Measure C. Abolition of Trustee Areas -- Gilroy Unified School District (Majority approval required)
4,074 / 66.4% Yes votes
2,060 / 33.6% No votes
For the abolition of trustee areas in the Gilroy Unified School District.

Measure D. Bond for School Renovation -- Gilroy Unified School District (Bond Issue; 55% approval required)
3,720 / 52.9% Yes votes
3,308 / 47.1% No votes
To upgrade, renovate, and rehabilitate all schools to District standards, and construct needed classrooms to accommodate growing enrollment, shall the Gilroy Unified School District be authorized to issue up to $69 million of bonds to finance the specific school facilities projects listed in the District's Bond Project List, and in order to qualify to receive State grant matching funds, subject to a Citizens' Oversight Committee and all the accountability requirements specified in the measure?

Measure E. Construction and Repair of Facilities -- West Valley-Mission Joint Community College District (Bond Issue; 55% approval required)
30,824 / 50.4% Yes votes
30,327 / 49.6% No votes
To improve educational opportunities for local residents, shall the West Valley-Mission Community College District issue $268,653,300 in bonds at legal interest rates to construct, acquire, repair and equip classrooms, libraries, science/computer labs, facilities/sites, upgrade technology, improve safety conditions and accessibility for the disabled, upgrade fire, earthquake safety, lighting, electrical, energy conservation, ventilation/plumbing systems, appoint a Citizen's Oversight Committee to perform annual audits and ensure that no bond money is used for salaries or administrative expenses?

Measure F. School Repair -- San Jose Unified School District (Bond Issue; 55% approval required)
23,248 / 69.3% Yes votes
10,301 / 30.7% No votes
To complete the repair and rehabilitation of local schools, including health and safety repairs, and qualify for State matching funds, shall the San Jose Unified School District, with annual audits and citizen oversight, upgrade inadequate plumbing, electrical, heating and ventilation systems, replace portable classrooms, renovate children's restrooms, repair deteriorating roofs, remove asbestos, remove school sites by issuing $429 million of bonds within legal interest rates?

Measure G. School Facility Improvement -- East Side Union High School District (Bond Issue; 55% approval required)
33,345 / 69.9% Yes votes
14,342 / 30.1% No votes
To provide greater security and safety, relieve overcrowding, and improve technology at the following schools: Andrew Hill, Independence, James Lick, Mt. Pleasant, Piedmont Hills, Oak Grove, Santa Teresa, Silver Creek, Overfelt, Yerba Buena, Foothill, Alternative Schools, and the Adult Education Centers, shall the East Side Union High School District issue $298 million of bonds within legal interest rate limits to repair, build, and equip its facilities provided the spending of such funds is reviewed by an independent citizen oversight committee?

Measure H. Elementary and Middle School Improvements -- Campbell Union School District (Bond Issue; 55% approval required)
8,772 / 66.7% Yes votes
4,384 / 33.3% No votes
To complete the repair, renovation, modernization and construction of neighborhood elementary and middle schools; upgrade aged electrical systems, bathrooms and plumbing; improve parking and traffic around elementary and middle schools; enhance libraries and technology capabilities; and improve accessibility for the disabled shall the Campbell Union School District issue bonds of $74,900,000 at interest rates within legal limits, with citizen's oversight and annual financial audits with no proceeds used for administrator salaries?

Measure I. Continuation of Gann Appropriations Limit Increase -- Oak Grove School District (Majority approval required)
8,489 / 69.7% Yes votes
3,696 / 30.3% No votes
Shall the Gann Appropriations Limit increase approved by the voters in 1991 be continued for four years thus allowing the district to continue to expend the funds generated by the existing special tax of $68 per parcel for expenditures for remedial services, repair of school buildngs and grounds, purchase of instructional supplies and equipment, installation of energy conservation equipment, and restoration of services reduced in prior years in the library, counseling, custodial and maintenance areas?

Measure J. Repair and Improvement of Unmodernized Elementary Schools -- Moreland School District (Bond Issue; 2/3 approval required)
5,597 / 72.5% Yes votes
2,125 / 27.5% No votes
Shall the Moreland School District be authorized to finance the completion of repair, renovation and upgrading of the remaining unmodernized elementary schools, including safety upgrades to reduce danger from earthquakes, repair of leaky roofs, upgrades to inadequate and unsafe electrical, heating and plumbing systems, the construction of additional educational facilities, and additional upgrades of remaining schools, including energy efficient systems, by issuing bonds in the maximum principal amount of $35,000,000, at interest rates within the legal limit?

Measure K. Repair and Improvement of Schools -- Loma Prieta Joint Union Elementary School District (Bond Issue; 55% approval required)
203 / 67.4% Yes votes
98 / 32.6% No votes
To replace earthquake damaged classrooms at C. T. English Middle School; provide drinkable water; construct, repair, acquire, furnish computer/science labs, libraries, school facilities/sites; repair roofs, floors, and water systems; qualify for State matching funds, shall Loma Prieta Joint Union Elementary School District issue $4,965,000 of bonds at legal interest rates, appoint a Citizens Oversight Committee, perform annual audits and ensure that no bond money is used for administrator salaries or other school operating expenses?

Measure L. School Safety and Repair -- Saratoga Union School District (Bond Issue; 55% approval required)
3,903 / 64.1% Yes votes
2,188 / 35.9% No votes
To renovate Redwood Middle School; repair older school classrooms and buildings; construct, renovate, equip school facilities and sites, including adding classrooms; upgrade school roofs, ventilation/heating systems, and student drop-off areas, shall Saratoga Union School District issue $19,900,000 of bonds at legal interest rates, appoint a Citizen Oversight Committee, perform annual audits and ensure that no bond money is used for administrators' salaries or other operating expenses, while projecting to maintain the 1997 tax rates?

Measure M. Utility Tax Extension -- City of Cupertino (Initiative; Majority approval required)
4,935 / 60.6% Yes votes
3,215 / 39.4% No votes
Utility Tax Initiative. Residents currently pay a 2.4% tax on utility use, specifically electric, gas and telephone. Shall the City of Cupertino extend the existing utility tax which will otherwise terminate in 2015 for an additional 15 years to 2030, for general city services and programs?

Measure N. Americana Precise Plan modification -- City of Mountain View (Majority approval required)
4,828 / 35.3% Yes votes
8,847 / 64.7% No votes
Shall the ordinance amending the Americana Precise Plan be adopted to allow a large-scale regional home products retail store in excess of 50,000 square feet?

Measure O. 911, Fire, Police Paramedic, and Neighborhood Security Act -- City of San Jose (Bond Issue; 2/3 approval required)
75,185 / 71.7% Yes votes
29,722 / 28.3% No votes
To improve San Jose's fire, police, and paramedic response times by: adding and improving fire stations and police stations, training facilities, and creating state of the art 911 communications facilities, shall the City issue $159,000,000 in bonds, at the best rates possible, with the moneys deposited in a special account to be used only for these purposes and with annual expenditure reporting to a citizens watchdog committee?

Measure P. Annexation -- Proposed San Jose Annexation Area for the Buena Vista Neighborhood (2/3 vote required)
40 / 64.5% Yes votes
22 / 35.5% No votes
To allow annexation of Buena Vista Neighborhood from County of Santa Clara into City of San Jose, shall residential properties in that neighborhood be relieved of certain County fees/taxes and become subject to existing and proposed City taxes/fees:
Sanitary Sewer: $227/year
Storm Sewer: $40.68/year
Utility Tax: 5% of bill
Library Assessment: $25/year
Business Tax: $150/year
Garbage Fees: $14.95 - $59.80/month
Existing and Proposed General Obligation Bonds: $63.50/$100,000 Assessed value (estimate)?

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