San Luis Obispo County, CA November 7, 2000 Election
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By Allen C. Haile

Candidate for Councilmember; City of San Luis Obispo

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Measures S and T

  • I have investigated the more than twenty California jurisdiction that have binding arbitration for public safety employees and have discovered generally good labor relations and no adverse budget impacts. Conversely, jurisdictions without binding arbitration are experiencing severe recruiting and staffing problems. An effective binding arbitration program that requires and encourages good faith negotiations. I believe a Yes vote on Measure S and a No vote on Measure T would have a positive effect on encouraging good faith negotiations. I therefore support Measure S and oppose Measure T.

Measure M - SOAR
  • Measure M is not on the City of San Luis Obispo ballot. However, I believe Measure M would encourage "infill" development and the concept of "compact urban form", and generally stabilize San Luis Obispo city property values. I support the SOAR concept and objectives.

SLO Marketplace Project

  • The project is on hold for a further impact analysis. I support this hold but not the process that got us to this point. We now have the opportunity to take a more comprehensive and coordinated view of this project facing the city permitting us to invent and achieve a more rational future.

Auto Parkway

  • While this project appears attractive, it too should be viewed through a lens that includes the other traffic generating projects on the horizon.


  • All three possible solutions to the city's water requirements should be actively pursued until there is a secure, adequate supply, sufficient to support our dreams for San Luis Obispo. State water should stay on the table until costs and/or technical considerations rule out this solution.

Marsh Street Garage

  • The downtown area needs more parking to support enough retail flow to sustain our beautiful city. It is not accurate to state that the construction bids came in substantially over estimated cost. The estimated costs were just that -- "estimates" and generally bear little relationship to the costs to construct. The tool of "engineer's estimate" may have been improperly applied in this case. I believe the process is now back on track and bids closer to the cost to construct will be forthcoming. I support this project.


  • The most serious problem now facing the city is the short supply of adequate housing in all price ranges. We need to become much more aggressive in supporting the compact urban form and infill. Encourage mixed use development; explore the positive impact of mixing housing with high tech multi-media and software development; explore the possible impact on transportation by co- locating business and home. The explosion of knowledge industries coupled with the existence of Cal Poly provides very exciting possibilities for our future.

Court Street/Palm Street/Chinatown

  • This project can demonstrate many of the advantages mentioned above. I support this concept and project.

Relationship with Cal Poly

  • A number of events are occurring that render Cal Poly centrally important to our future: The emergence of the global economy and our connection to it through our umbilical cord... the fiber optic cable; the emerging knowledge industries driven by exploding computer power and mega communications; the vastly changing demographics in California and our nation, and the number one producer of technical talent in the country, Cal Poly. The biggest threat to our otherwise bright future may be the digital divide... the widening gap between the information "haves" and "have-nots". Importantly, a strong relationship between Cal Poly and the SLO community cannot only create an exciting future but effectively attack the digital divide as well.

Senior Population

  • Our seniors want to live here for the same reasons that we all do... it's a wonderful place. As a policy, we should encourage the development of continuing care facilities that take advantage of integrating these seniors into the fabric that defines our higher quality of life. Continuing care facilities are not only low impact developments, clean, wealth-producing businesses, but bring with them a wealth of talent to enrich our community

Why SLO is Unique

  • Two things make SLO special. The place itself (the weather, the views, Cal Poly) and THE PEOPLE. I was struck by the openness and friendliness of the people of SLO more than any other single characteristic. There are a number of initiatives on the table aimed at preserving and making better this wonderful place. But there is little recognition of the importance of demographics to our quality of life. The diversity of our city is going to change dramatically in the next fifty years. We must recognize this change, welcome it, and paint a beautiful picture with the richness that accompanies the changing demographics.


  • The next twenty to fifty years.... SLO will be a model city well integrated into the global economy... An urban forum designed to encourage walking and outdoor recreation... Cal Poly classes available electronically in every household. Fully one-third of the workforce working at home or living at work. A thriving arts community including visual, performing and literary... With our resources, we are only limited by our dreams.

My basic and overriding motivation was and is: If a public policy issue that impacts the human condition becomes visible to me and I believe I have the ability to make a positive contribution, I feel morally obligated to do so"

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