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Fresno County, CA November 7, 2000 Election
Smart Voter Political Philosophy for Brian Calhoun

Candidate for
Member of City Council; City of Fresno; District 2

This information is provided by the candidate


  • I have high values in my personal life, professional life and in community service: Honesty, integrity, loyalty, fairness, concern and respect for others, law-abiding, and civic-minded. I strive for excellence and accountability in my personal and professional life. My motivation for running for Council District 2 will reflect those values.

  • I have an abiding belief in the basic goodness of people. I believe that democracy -- representative government -- works best when elected leaders both carry out the will of the people and lead the people.

  • My values are based on the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I have been blessed with fine parents, an excellent education, a wonderful family, excellent employment, and a nice community in which to live. In accordance with my belief of returning to others what others have provided me, I have always been active in professional and community activities. One of the highest callings, I believe, is elected office, the opportunity through leadership, to affect positive change in the lives of others.

  • I believe that my personal characteristics and the policies I support are the qualities necessary to represent people in Council District 2, as well as to help develop a new-century renaissance for the City of Fresno.

  • Experience as a teacher, administrator, elected county official and community activist demonstrates my leadership capabilities.

  • Individuals and groups that support me will be identified since I am proud of what that support says about me and why I am running for elected office.

  • I will meet voters in District 2 during the campaign to discuss with them issues facing the district and the city.

  • I will send a newsletter twice a year to constituents. The newsletter will include a "Letters to the Council" section.

  • I will use technology to make better connections with citizens. I will establish, if possible, kiosks at shopping centers to provide information and answer questions about government services.

  • My words and deeds will reflect a clear and deep understanding of the people living in Fresno.

  • Throughout the campaign I will tell who I am and where I stand--not waiting until just before election day to spring last minute surprises.

  • Specific, complete and prompt answers will be provided to questions. I will be honest when I don't know the answer to a question.

  • I will emphasize my views and why I am best for the job, not just criticize my opponent.

  • I will argue the points of the campaign, disagree, and even be critical, but will stay above being negative.

  • My criticisms will be based on facts such as my opponent's past votes, speeches and other actions, rather than focus on hearsay, half-truths and innuendo.

  • I will challenge candidates in the Council District 2 election to establish voluntary fund raising limit so that issues, not money, drives the campaign.

  • I will attempt to reduce the $16,000 paid to the Council president on top of the base salary, and establish a one year rotational system among all Council members.

  • I will respond to negative assaults by sticking to the issues being raised, rather than enter into responses that develop into negative campaigning.

  • I will be specific about where I stand on issues. I will not just list my priorities or simply tell what is wrong with a situation. I will not avoid tough issues. I will be consistent in what I say. My promises will be reasonable.

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