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2006 Elections

This newsletter was sent to SmartVoterNews on May 31, 2006:

Smart Voter: Celebrating 10 Years. Vote on June 6

Smart Voter is celebrating 10 great years!

Our pages are bursting with information to help voters make their choices for the California June 6 election. Find your personal ballot by party with polling place (as available).

What's New?
Many counties have new voting systems that provide benefits for voters with disabilities or who speak another language. Some voters may have to show identification at the polling place.

Read more about these items and other aspects of voting

Statewide Propositions and Candidates
If you have 5 minutes or several hours, you have easy access to the League's Easy Voter Guide or Pros and Cons or In Depth. Plus several public radio discussions and independent analyses of Proposition 81 and Proposition 82.

It's easy to find news articles about the Democratic Governor contest -- but did you catch the debates? Find easy access to debates and public radio interviews with the leading candidates. Not only for the top contests, but also for offices like Attorney General and State Superintendent of Public Instruction. See the state executive races...

Legislative Primaries -- Some Trivia Questions

Q. What percentage of legislative primary contests are uncontested?

A. 73%! As usual, a huge number of these contests are no contest at all. Only a single person is running in 73% of the primary contests for US House of Representatives, California State Senate and State Assembly. The winner is known. In 7 of those contests, official write-in candidates running unopposed will be declared the winner in their party's primary. See California's directory of contests ...

Q. Can one candidate run in two primary contests in the same district for two different parties?

A. Yes! One Assembly candidate is running unopposed in his Republican primary election and has qualified as a write-in candidate in the Democratic primary contest for the same district.


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