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2004 Elections

This newsletter was emailed to our Smart Voter News distribution list on February 17, 2004:

March Ballot Propositions

California voters have some tough decisions to make on March 2.

Citizens will decide on a $12.3 billion general obligation bond for school construction (Proposition 55), a $15 billion bond authorization to allow the state to pay off debt (Proposition 57), an initiative that reduces the two-thirds majority currently required to pass the state budget to a 55 percent majority (Proposition 56) and yet another that would change the state Constitution to require that the state budget be balanced each year (Proposition 58).

Local districts are also asking voters to approve funding mechanisms for everything from libraries to school improvements to traffic relief.

Official ballot language and related information are abundant on Smart Voter. One voter put it this way,

"I am so impressed with...the clean presentations of the issues, the candidate information, the in-depth information, the links to media articles and other information - THANK YOU THANK YOU for this incredible, impartial resource!"

Veteran and first-time voters alike find that the PROS and CONS, the League of Women Voters of California's unbiased analyses of measures, distill and clarify these complex issues into the vernacular of English and Spanish.

Find the depth of information YOU need on propositions and measures on Smart Voter by keying your street address and zip code into "Find my Ballot" at http://smartvoter.org .


SMART VOTER: "Directory of California State Propositions" http://smartvoter.org/2004/03/02/ca/state/prop/

Official ballot language with links to:

  • Secretary of State:  Cal-Access Campaign Finance Information - Find campaign committees and their income sources and expenditures for the 2004 Primary
  • Legislative Analysts's Office Find an overview of state bond debt
  • League of Women Voters of California Education Fund - Delve into the background of ballot measures, how to evaluate measures and steps in the initiative process
  • Easy Voter Guide Nonpartisan Resource for new voters and busy voters http://easyvoter.org/california/
SMART VOTER: "Directory of California Counties" http://www.smartvoter.org/ca/

Research local measures and candidates in any California county that has a Smart Voter red star.

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