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This newsletter was emailed to our Smart Voter News distribution list on August 29, 2003:

How To Be A Smart Voter For The Recall Election

The League of Women Voters of California's (LWVC) award-winning website, Smart Voter (http://smartvoter.org), now has up-to-the-minute, easy to use, nonpartisan information on the California gubernatorial recall and ballot measure election October 7, 2003.

Designed to help voters understand their choices better, Smart Voter offers extensive background information on candidates. The list of candidates is up now, and all were invited to provide data for their free web pages. Candidates will soon be entering information about their qualifications and priorities.

In addition, Smart Voter has extensive nonpartisan information on the two statewide ballot measures on the ballot, and Smart Voter will provide polling place information for 23 participating counties in which 87% of California Voters have registered. It is the only Internet site that will have this much polling information.

"Smart Voter is always there for you," says LWVC President Jacqueline Jacobberger. "Through its many links, Smart Voter provides a wealth of information about the recall, including newspapers from throughout the state and radio forums. Together they explain the recall election, how it works, what campaign finance laws apply, the estimated cost and more. Every voter with an Internet connection can be an informed voter."


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