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2002 Elections

This newsletter was emailed to our Smart Voter News distribution list on October 29, 2002:

League Election Materials on Smart Voter

(SACRAMENTO, CALIF.)  California voters are wading through lists of candidates and ballot issues to prepare for the November 5 elections. The League of Women Voters of California/Smart Voter has readied smartvoter.org to offer voters objective background on the complex issues and array of candidates that appear on this election's ballots.

The League of Women Voters of California's award-winning Smart Voter election web site includes a brief biography of each candidate along with their three top priorities, position papers, endorsements and their photos.

Smart Voter lends easy access to the League's widely-acclaimed nonpartisan "Pros & Cons on the State Ballot Measures," the League's comprehensive guide to the ballot measures.  "Pros & Cons" is available in English and Spanish.

New voters love the simplicity of "Easy Reading Voter Guide," an abbreviated version of "Pros & Cons," written at the 6th grade reading level. The "Easy Reading Voter Guide" offers versions in English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese and Korean.

"It's important to make an informed decision in the voting booth," said Trudell Een, Smart Voter Project Director. "Smart Voter provides Californians with both sides of an issue before they cast their vote."

For additional information, Smart Voter also links voters with related newspaper articles, local measure sites and more election sites. To access Smart Voter, visit  http://smartvoter.org.


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