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2002 Elections

This newsletter was emailed to our Smart Voter News distribution list on October 17, 2002:

SmartVoter.org Delivers Election Information

Confused About Election Issues? Visit Smartvoter.org

(SACRAMENTO, CALIF.)  For many voters, election time is a season of confusion. Bombarded by campaign ads and political rhetoric, voters find it more than challenging to make accurately informed decisions. The League of Women Voters of California has an answer - http://www.smartvoter.org/  This comprehensive web site provides objective, nonpartisan background information on the candidates and complex issues that appear on California's election ballots.

"In order to make an informed decision, voters must have a clear understanding about all aspects of each issue," said Trudell Een, Project Director for Smart Voter. "It is critical that voters have access to objective and impartial information. Smarvoter.org provides the most in-depth information about Californian elections and does so on a nonpartisan basis."

Voters can log on to the site to read nonpartisan information about the elections in their communities, including school and municipal measures and details on candidates. Smartvoter.org includes candidates in school district, municipal and runoff elections in various cities and districts throughout California.

Smartvoter.org also provides a means for all candidates in participating counties to publish information about themselves and their candidacy directly to voters and without cost.

Voters visiting the site can type in their address to find their polling place and receive a customized ballot including measures and seats for elected positions in their areas. Smartvoter.org can also link voters with related newspaper articles, local measure sites and more election sites.


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