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2001 Elections

This newsletter was emailed to our Smart Voter News distribution list on December 11, 2001:

A Smart Voter Success in November 2001

Visitors to SmartVoter.org often send in comments such as this one:

"Great website -- in small elections like this, information is hard to find. Thank you for this wonderful service."

We were glad this visitor found the information needed. There were 531 contests, 108 measures and 2,023 candidates listed for California. Ohio had 157 contests, 31 measures and 482 candidates listed. That's a grand total of 688 contests, 139 measures, 2,505 candidates and over 275,000 pages viewed.

Numbers don't tell the whole story. A few more comments follow.

From a visitor: Dear Sir or Madam: This is just a quick note to say what a fabulous job you do on your web site. As both a user and a web site designer, I give it high marks for usability, content, loading time, navigation, and the service it provides. Well done, and thank you for the effort to have this information and service online."

From a librarian: Great help to librarians, especially when someone comes in at 7 p.m. and wants to know where to vote. Thanks!

From a Candidate: I would like to thank the League for supporting elections and candidates by sponsoring this web site for our use. Running a campaign is very expensive and with your help, I feel I have been able to reach voters and list my endorsements without running expensive advertisements In the paper. I have also used your site address on my flyers and mailers to alert voters to my positions. It has been a wonderful support during the last two months of my campaign.

From a Satisfied Customer: I discovered your site last year, it has become my most comprehensive reliable source of election information. I particularly appreciate the feature that lets me quickly hone in on my own local issues on the ballot for MY precinct. THANKS for the valuable service you provide.

Next Steps

Smart Voter will offer continuously updated information for local and statewide contests for the California March primary.

Close-up on Elections

It's easy to see what issues are in the political limelight in other communities by using Smart Voter.

Education Ballot Issues

Californians in general were in favor of supporting their schools financially. Los Angeles County voters passed five ballot measures to issue bonds for school improvements.

San Mateo County
San Mateo County had seven education related ballot issues. Five bond issues passed that will fund school improvements and one special tax passed that will maintain academic standards. One issue failed that would have resulted in a parcel tax to fund instructional programs.

Stanislaus County
Voters in Stanislaus County supported all four education related issues on the ballot. Three bond issues to fund school improvements and one to build a high school passed with percentages in favor ranging from 67 to 82 percent. See Stanislaus County issues.

Alameda County
Support for quality instruction was high on the list of ballot issues in Alameda County also. Voters in the cities of Alameda and Oakland passed parcel taxes to enhance and maintain quality education in their schools.

San Francisco
San Francisco had energy-related issues (issue bonds for renewable energy sources) and land use issues (filling in the bay more than 100 acres will require voter approval). See San Francisco issues.

Los Angeles
In Los Angeles, nearly three fourths of voters said no to Measure D, which would have resulted in the creation of a new school district in Carson.

Less than 600 votes determined the outcome in the City of Cincinnati ballot Issue 6 to amend the city charter to limit campaign contributions and increase reporting requirements and penalties. The issue passed.


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