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November 7, 2000
General Election

This press release was emailed to our Smart Voter News distribution list on January 4, 2001:

Visitors to smartvoter.org say it best:

"This is very cool." ­Sonoma County
"Your work made my job of citizenship possible and attractive."­San Diego
"Thanks for this site, which I've been relying on for years. . . . an immensely useful resource for citizens who want to be informed on the issues before voting. The customized ballot info based on street/zipcode, the polling place, the information about the candidates - all of these features are things that I actively use. Thanks!" ­San Mateo County

Over 800,000 pages were viewed on Smart Voter for the November 2000 elections. More than 4,500 candidates and nearly 400 local measures were listed. Most importantly, all Californians and Ohioans had access to Smart Voter's information on federal and state contests and statewide ballot issues. We at Smart Voter are justifiably proud of these great figures and wish to thank our sponsors, state and county elections officials, and volunteers for their invaluable contributions.

It was also a successful year in education. Smart Voter not only informed current voters but future voters as well. Teachers credited Smart Voter for the success of students as they compared issues and priorities of candidates, researched who can vote, uncovered past voting restrictions, and compared federal, state and local campaign finance laws.

Smart Voter helped students and a professor helped Smart Voter. Michael Cornfield, Graduate School of Political Management at George Washington University, wrote, "SmartVoter sat at the head of the class of Web sites I checked."

There's more on the way in 2001. Check Smart Voter pages for local elections including those coming up in March in Los Angeles County.

Best Wishes for the New Year!
        Trudell, Carol, Carl, Kathleen, Roberta, Fran and Judy

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