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November 7, 2000
General Election

This press release was emailed to our Smart Voter News distribution list on October 28, 2000:

Smart Voter offers voters more than ever this year. Not only are there state and local candidates with their three priorities, position papers, and endorsements, but look at the many judges who are calling Smart Voter "home," not to mention water district, fire protection candidates and more. Much more.

The all-important personalized ballot lookup at http://www.smartvoter.org speeds you to your singular ballot with sure fire accuracy when you fill in your street address and zip code. A quick click shows a map and directions to your polling place.

Smart Voter lists local ballot issues of many counties and cities, such as Pasadena with three school-related measures, Chula Vista's question to the voters about removing term limits, and a recall in South Gate. Controlling growth is an issue that many San Francisco Bay Area voters will address November 7. From Sonoma wine country to urban San Jose, growth control measures are on the ballot.

When you want to learn about the state ballot measures, Smart Voter links to the League of Women Voters of California's renowned, nonpartisan Pros & Cons on the State Ballot Measures where the eight ballot issues in English and Spanish receive impartial treatment and are easy to read, too. Even easier and briefer are the ballot measures that Easy Voter lists at http://www.easyvoter.org. There is a direct link just waiting for you on Smart Voter. Easy Voter's election material is in English, Spanish, Chinese, and Vietnamese.

New this year is a section for younger and first-time voters. FAQ on Voting and Registration awaits you as does a link for an absentee ballot. The last day to apply is October 31, so heads up!

Smart Voter has all of your election needs. No surfing the Net - Smart Voter has done that for you with its myriad of links to newspaper articles, local measure sites and more election sites such as California Voter Foundation ("Follow the Money"), Democracy Net (presidential candidates and issues grids), and California Channel (interviews with federal legislative candidates). You'll marvel at the agility and robustness of Smart Voter, http://www.smartvoter.org, the only address you need to know.


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