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November 7, 2000
General Election

This press release was emailed to our Smart Voter News distribution list on October 11, 2000:

Smart Voter Celebrates Grand Opening October 11

Voters ask "Who do I vote for?" "What measures will be on my ballot?" "Where do I go to vote?" With a quick click of the mouse, Smart Voter's "My Ballot" feature displays candidates and ballot issues unique to the entered address. Click on http://www.smartvoter.org, enter your address and experience the Smart Voter lightening fast ballot lookup.

Candidate pages reveal top priorities, biographies, endorsements and photos. However, the presidential contest in not the only race in town. Candidates abound for local school boards, the judiciary and community district seats.

Jacquie Canfield, Director of Voter Service for the League of Women Voters California, proclaims, "When I'm considering which candidate or measure to cast my vote for, I welcome all information that might help me understand the issues better. Smart Voter not only has great breadth and depth of detailed information on candidates and issues, but it is also a portal to other election Web sites. Community Web sites on local ballot issues are linked from Smart Voter. What are the pros and cons on state issues? Voting records of incumbents? Smart Voter links to these and more. Smart Voter is the only address I need to know."

Smart Voter features the League's widely-acclaimed nonpartisan and impartial Pros & Cons on the State Ballot Measures, available in both English and Spanish. For busy Californians or those who prefer brief election fare, Smart Voter links to Easy Voter with its election guide in Spanish, English, Chinese and Vietnamese.

"This November marks the seventh major election for Smart Voter. The politically savvy appreciate the rich content of Smart Voter. The easy-to-use Smart Voter trademark, 'My Ballot,' helps young and first time voters easily understand candidates and issues they will vote on," said Trudell Een, Smart Voter Project Director.

A viewer from Los Angeles comments, "I am a discussion leader in a group discussing current events. You are absolutely the best source that I have seen to get information about our next election." And after the election, visit Smart Voter for up-to-the-minute election results.

"The League of Women Voters' Smart Voter's election site is state-of-the-art citizenship at its best. You will be delighted with its user-friendly nonpartisan election material," exclaimed Gail Dryden, President of the League of Women Voters of California.

For more information, please contact Smart Voter Project Director Trudell Een at 408-323-9611 or ca-director@smartvoter.org.


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