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November 7, 2000
General Election

This press release was emailed to our Smart Voter News distribution list on August 15, 2000:

At the invitation of the Annenberg School of Journalism, Smart Voter is participating in Democracy Row at the Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles. Over fifty nonpartisan and mostly non-profit organizations are staffing booths to highlight the importance of voter information and education. Smart Voter volunteers visited with Norman Lear who stopped by the booth to see Smart Voter's unique ballot lookup demonstrated on laptops.

At the same time, the Online Journalism Review at the Annenberg School is producing live webcasts. Their cameras are stationed at Democracy Row where they will spotlight the nonpartisan participants. The live webcast began Monday and will continue through Thursday starting at 1.00 p.m. each day. Check it out by linking to the webcast through <http://www.ojr.org>. You might even see a reporter interview Smart Voter volunteers!

For a list of the participating organizations, you may access <http://reliableresources.org/dem_row.html>. This is OJR's initial foray into the new world of live webcasting and we wish them well.

Online addition:

PBS Online Newshour posted a report on Smart Voter.


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