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November 7, 2000
General Election

This press release was emailed to our Smart Voter News distribution list on July 5, 2000:

Smart Voter's presence at the recent National League of Women Voters convention in Washington D.C., June 17 to 20, was highly visible. Janet Reno, Attorney General, sent a handwritten message expressing her thanks for "leading the way."

Members staffed the California table and demonstrated Smart Voter on laptop computers.

Janet Reno wasn't the only person at convention to express support for the League's Smart Voter Election Service. A steady stream of delegates and visitors from around the country learned how Smart Voter benefits voters, candidates, election officials and the League. Typical comments included:

"Wow, one click and I get my very own ballot...Smart Voter is the perfect voter guide for our instant  information society."

"I get it. Smart Voteršs address look-up  tells me which candidates and issues are on my ballot. I donšt have to know ahead of time who's running or what districts I live in."

"Wonderful! Smart Voter is a 'commercial-free' zone!"

"Very 'League-like'!"

"It looks like <www.smartvoter.org> is the only web address a voter needs to  know."

"You mean my League could have its very own web page to display local candidates and forums? We can actually personalize it to our community!"

It was a pleasure to share the League's award winning online election service with colleagues nationwide.

Smart Voter held a drawing for a TV-VCR. Dozens of delegates and visitors participated and the winner was Betty Hill from Brazos County, Texas.


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