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See also FAQs for Candidates.

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If you are a candidate on the ballot for at least one of our participating counties and want to accept our written invitation to participate in the Smart Voter project, refer to the instructions in that letter for how to get your data to us. Or send email to and you will receive instructions.

If you are a candidate in a nonparticipating county, we regret that we cannot post any information about your race or your candidacy.

Candidates may enter data on their web page electronically until 8:00 p.m. PST, the day before Election Day.

For answers to specific questions, please contact the Smart Voter Project Office, at or 510-350-0812.

A warm "thank-you" to all candidates who fill out our Web form to create your own web page on Smart Voter. Our users want to read the information about you and your candidacy directly from you!

Candidate photo

We invite you to submit a black & white or color photo for your web page which is a recent "head shot" of you alone. All photos must be mailed or emailed and received by us two (2) days before the Election Day. We offer the option to copy most of your data including a photo to the current election ready for updating. If you have participated in Smart Voter in an election prior to June 2014, we urge you to submit a new photo as the size of photos we process have changed.

Choose one of the three ways listed below.

  1. EMAIL digital photo: You may send us a digital photo or scan a photo and send it to us as an attachment to an email message. The digital image should be in the following format:

    • Larger than 140 wide x 155 high (pixels). There should be room to crop.
    • A common photo format (JPG, PNG, or PSD, for example. Do not send DOC files. Mac users: do not send photos encoded in base 64 format.)
    • A file size that is practical for email transmission.

    Send an email attaching the digital photo as a separate binary file to our Photo Editor:

    Please be sure to identify the candidate name, county, and office in the body of the email message. Also please include "Smart Voter" as the first words in the Subject line (we have a huge spam problem and it helps us to identify your email in case our spam filters are working overtime).

    Do not send the photo more than once!

    We will try to process a photo received electronically, but cannot guarantee to be able to publish it. If it is not possible or practical to publish, the photo editor will notify you and ask for a replacement.

    If you have questions about your photo, please communicate with our photo editor at or with your League volunteer coordinator.

  2. Email Web address: If the photo is already posted on a web page, please send the URL via email to Please be sure to identify the candidate name, county, and office in the body of the email message and include "Smart Voter" as the first words in the Subject line. We will do our best to convert this photo to our specifications, but cannot guarantee success.

  3. Regular Mail developed photo: You may mail a nonreturnable photo to us which we will scan and put on your Smart Voter web page. If you have any questions about producing a digital photo in the format we need, please choose this method. Mail to this address:

    LWV - Smart Voter Project
    1107 Ninth Street, Suite 300
    Sacramento, CA 95814-3608

    Mark on the back of your photo or include in the email message:

    • your name,
    • office being sought, and
    • county and state of residence

We reserve the right to crop or change the size of photos in order to meet our requirements.

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The League does not support or oppose candidates or political parties.

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