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Riverside County, CA November 4, 2014 Election
Measure CC
City Services Stability
City of San Jacinto

Utility Users Tax - Majority Approval Required

Fail: 2,608 / 47.71% Yes votes ...... 2,858 / 52.29% No votes

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Results as of November 21 7:51am, 100.00%% of Precincts Reporting (16/16)
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To maintain current police, firefighter and paramedic service levels, maintain 9-1-1 emergency response times, maintain operational levels for existing neighborhood fire stations, parks, community buildings and infrastructure, and create jobs; shall the City of Jacinto establish a 6.5% Utility Users Tax for 10 years on utility services within the City, while exempting low-income seniors, requiring annual audits and allowing no tax rate increase without voter approval?

Impartial Analysis from City Attorney
On August 5, 2014, the City Council placed Measure "CC" on the November 4, 2014 ballot. If approved by a majority of San Jacinto voters, this Measure would authorize a six and one-half percent (6.5%) utility users tax on the use of telecommunications, water, gas, electricity, cable/video, sewer and refuse services within the City of San Jacinto.

The tax proposed by Measure "CC" is temporary and will automatically expire 10 years after its effective date. Measure "CC" would exempt households with low-income seniors (62 or older) and authorizes the City Council to exempt additional persons or services from the tax in the future.

Measure "CC" is intended to prevent significant cuts to general City services resulting from revenue shortfalls caused by recent economic factors. This tax would be a "general tax," meaning that revenues raised from the tax would go into the City's general fund to fund any lawful City program, improvement, or service. The City would not be required to use the revenues raised by Measure "CC" for any special purpose or for any particular program or service. All revenues raised by the tax would belong to the City and would not be shared with the State or any other agency.

Measure "CC" would require that the City annually verify that the tax has been properly applied, collected and spent according to applicable law through an independent third-party audit, the results of which shall be published in an annual expenditure report.

Measure "CC" would authorize the City Council to adjust the rate of the utility users tax up or down as appropriate to the financial condition of the City, without voter approval, provided the rate does not exceed the maximum 6.5% set forth in the Measure.

If approved, the utility users tax would be collected starting on or about March 1, 2015. By placing Measure "CC" on the ballot, the City complies with Article XIIIC of the California Constitution (Proposition 218), which requires a majority of the voters to approve an ordinance which establishes a general tax.

A "yes" vote on Measure "CC" will authorize the utility users tax.

A "no" vote on Measure "CC" will not authorize the utility users tax.

The above statement is an impartial analysis of Measure "CC". If you desire a copy of the Measure, please call the elections official's office at (951) 487-7339 and a copy will be mailed at no cost to you.

City Attorney

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Arguments For Measure CC Arguments Against Measure CC
Vote YeS on Measure "CC" to maintain and restore police, fire and emergency services.

Public Safety is the most important service. San Jacinto policing levels are already 20% below the standard due to growth. Home invasions, homicides, gang activity, and crimes targeting seniors are up. County prisons are full resulting in the release of 23,560 inmates, and increasing the City's police calls by 40%.

The City cannot continue to spend more money on public safety than its revenues. San Jacinto could eliminate everything from the budget except public safety and there would still be a deficit. Over 80% of the general fund is spent on police and fire services. Without Measure "CC", approximately 25% of the police, one School resource Officer, all traffic patrols and one fire station will be eliminated.

It is an income problem, not a spending problem. Since 2007-2008, Sacramento raided the City revenue by over $3.7 million, taking over 40% the City's property tax revenues. Between this and "The "great recession" the City was forced to balance the budget using reserve funds. San Jacinto has cut 23% of an already lean staff, lowered interest payments on loans, reduced utility costs, eliminated special events and passed pension reform requiring employee retirement contributions.

Measure "CC" will provide the revenue needed to not only maintain the current public safety levels, but will increase the policing levels to match our population growth. These funds will be safe from Sacramento and the County. Measure "CC" will require independent audits, exempt low income seniors, and will sunset after 10 years.

Measure "CC" is endorsed by The San Jacinto Chamber of Commerce, The Hemet/San Jacinto Chamber of Commerce, educators, all 5 council members, and community leaders because they know Measure "CC" will protect businesses, schools and our entire community.

By: John Norman, San Jacinto Unified School District President
Alonso Ledezma, San Jacinto Mayor
Mark Bartel, San Jacinto City Councilman
Jack Warneke, Longtime San Jacinto Resident and Community Leader
Susan Watson, San Jacinto Chamber of Commerce Executive Director

Rebuttal to Arguments For
All we need is basic common sense and responsible leadership with common sense budget decisions. The budget could balance if the City Council reduced expenses and made appropriate changes. The San Jacinto Police Department has always had the current staffing levels for the last four years. The City Council had knowledge and continued to spend the general fund reserves to balance the budget for four years. This City Council continued to spend; now they want to tax you so they can continue to spend more. This City Council has been fiscally irresponsible. Why should San Jacinto residents, businesses, and consumers be penalized because the City Council refused to stop spending? It is very clear that the City Council knew that Sacramento would raid City revenues. The City Council continued to spend our general fund reserves. Why can't the City Council live within its means? Why do the residents, businesses, and consumers of San Jacinto have to bail them out? Haven't we had enough of political bailouts? Measure "CC" Utility tax funds are not protected from Sacramento. The City Council can use this revenue any way they choose. Measure "CC" utility tax funds are considered general fund revenues. Measure "CC" utility tax funds might cover the deficit only and not provide additional revenue or police to the City. Measure "CC" utility tax will hurt San Jacinto residents, consumers, and businesses. We will lose more jobs and future jobs in this city. Vote NO on Measure "CC"!

By: Steve Di Memmo, Former Council Member
James D. Pangrazzi, Retired Professional Driver
Michael Fred Allen, Retired Teacher

Taxpayers Against Measure "CC"

Here we go again with another new tax increase on the ballot, and this one is unnecessary and unfair. The current City Council for the past two years has been fiscally irresponsible and has not been good stewards of the City's assets and services. The City Council approved placing the measure on the ballot 5-0. They are a tax and spend council.

Measure "CC" will apply a 6.5% tax to your electric, gas, water, phone, cell phone and internet bills. Your "NO" VOTe on "MeASUre CC" will save you thousands of dollars over the next ten years on user utility tax for all utilities. This tax has a sunset clause of ten years. Do you really think this tax would be a "TeMPOrArY TAX?" This tax will automatically increase as utility rates increase for San Jacinto residents and businesses. This 6.5% tax could cost an average household about $400.00 a year or more and for businesses substantially more. Contrary to what the City Council claims, the tax DOeS NOT indicate whether it is designated or restricted for Public Safety or for a specific benefit for the San Jacinto Taxpayers.

Some homeowners will be double taxed because of Community facilities District taxes where they pay for public safety already. for example a property owner in San Jacinto who already pays $3,484.46 per year for Community facilities District public safety taxes will now add on 6.5% utility tax or about $400. for electricity alone, a restaurant in San Jacinto that pays $8,000.00 per month would have to pay $6,240 more per year. This will cost us jobs!

"VOTe NO" on Measure "CC".

By: Steve Di Memmo, Former Council Member
James D. Pangrazzi, Retired Professional Driver
Michael Fred Allen, Retired Teacher

Rebuttal to Arguments Against
The small group opposed to Measure "CC" is composed of failed politicians who want to blame others, but offer no solutions of their own to preserve basic public safety services. Instead, they throw out inaccurate and downright deceptive numbers designed to scare voters.

The truth is we have a revenue problem, not a spending problem. City revenues have declined because of the recession and seizure of local funds by the state to relieve their budget problems. Current revenues are not even enough to cover the cost of public safety. even if every city employee and manager were fired, San Jacinto would still have a budget deficit.

The current City Council has been fiscally conservative, reducing city staff by 23%, reforming employee pensions, and cutting the city budget by an average of $9.5 million over the past two-years. Any further cuts would drastically reduce the level of public safety in our city.

State mandated prison realignment forced the release of 23,560 inmates into riverside County. As a result we've seen a surge in home invasions, gang activity, and crimes targeting seniors. Our city cannot afford any further cuts to public safety.

The San Jacinto City Council, the Chamber of Commerce, and San Jacinto taxpayers all support Measure "CC" because revenues will stay in San Jacinto and cannot be seized by the state or county. Measure "CC" will stabilize our city budget, improve public safety, and make San Jacinto a safer, more attractive place to live and work.

Learn more at

By: Andrew f. Kotyuk, San Jacinto City Councilman
Henry Hafliger, Former San Jacinto Mayor and Dairy Man
Tish Arciniega, Owner/Broker Main Street Realty
Calvin Smith, Owner C.l. Farms
Richard Hixson, Longtime San Jacinto Farmer and Leader

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