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Mendocino County, CA November 4, 2014 Election
Measure R
Appointed City Treasurer
City of Point Arena

Majority Approval Required

Pass: 63 / 61.76% Yes votes ...... 39 / 38.24% No votes

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Results as of Nov 4 10:10pm, 0.0% of Precincts Reporting (0/1)
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Shall the office of City Treasurer be appointive?

Impartial Analysis from City Attorney
The City Council has placed Measure R on the ballot to ask if the voters of Pt. Arena if the position of Pt. Arena City Treasurer should be made an appointed rather than elected office. Currently, the City Treasurer is elected for a four year term. Under state law the Treasurer can become an appointed position, if approved by a majority vote in municipal elections.

Unless otherwise provided in the City Code, a city treasurer's duties include the receipt and safe keeping of all money coming into the City to the Treasurer; paying out money based on warrants signed by legally designated person; submitting written reports and accounting for all receipts, disbursements, and fund balances to the City Clerk; collecting city taxes and license fees as prescribed by ordinance; and investing surplus city funds.

To be eligible to run for and serve as an elected City Treasurer, a candidate must be an elector of the City and a registered voter, when he or she files nomination papers. There are no other qualifications required. An appointed City Treasurer need not be a resident of the City nor a registered voter. In addition, an appointed City Treasurer does not have a term of office. Additionally, the City council can adopt qualifications for an appointed City Treasurer.

If the measure is approved by the voters in the November 2014 election, the position would become an appointed office at the end of the current City Treasurer's term of office. The City Council would appoint the City Treasurer in the same manner as the Council now appointed the City Manager and the City Attorney. The City Code could be amended to delegate authority to appoint the City Treasurer to the City Manager, or to delegate the City Treasurer duties to another city staff member as appropriate.

A YES vote approves Measure R and the City Treasurer position becomes an appointed office.

A NO vote rejects Measure R and the City Treasurer position remains an elected office.

s/Terry N. Gross Terry N. Gross, Esq. City Attorney for the City of Pt. Arena

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Arguments For Measure R Arguments Against Measure R
Voting YES on Measure R will make the position of City Treasurer an appointed, rather than an elected, position.

With the elective process, the only qualifications that can be required of an elected city treasurer by law are residency and age. The City Treasurer must be over 18 years of age; a Point Arena resident; a registered voter in Point Arena; and not convicted of certain crimes that disqualify a person from holding office. Poor performance by elected officials can only be addressed through a recall process. With an appointive position, the City Council can establish qualifications, education, and experience for the position and is not limited by residency requirements. The most qualified individual can be appointed or an existing staff member with appropriate qualifications can serve.

The appointment or delegation of the elected City Treasurer's duties will not lessen the City's obligation to be accountable to its citizens. Instead, it will avoid duplication of effort and allow the City to appoint the most skilled candidate for the position, regardless of residency.

Any citizen has the right, under the California Public Records Act to inspect the City's records at any time. The City budget is presented in a public workshop and available to any member of the public to examine. The City is audited regularly by an independent auditor. The City will be contracting with an outside firm to provide financial services and perform routine financial management services. These checks and balances remove the need for an elected Treasurer.

Of California's approximately 480 cities, in 2010, only 173 cities had an elected city treasurer. It is time to join the majority of California cities and streamline government by appointing a City Treasurer or consolidating this position with existing staff, and increasing oversight of the position.

s/Doug Burkey Doug Burkey, Mayor

s/Phil Burfoot Phil Burfoot, Councilmember

s/Deborah Heather Stone Deb Heather Stone, Councilmember

s/Jim Koogle Jim Koogle, Councilmember

No Argument Against Measure R was received.

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