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Humboldt County, CA November 4, 2014 Election
Measure V
"Budget Stabilization" Sales Tax
City of Fortuna

Majority Approval Required

Fail: 1131 / 36.5% Yes votes ...... 1966 / 63.5% No votes

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Results as of Nov 4 11:42pm
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To offset state budget cuts and restore stability to Fortuna's city budget; maintain 9-1-1 emergency response services; restore cuts to police protection, gang/drug prevention, and road/sidewalk maintenance; support local businesses, the Fortuna Rodeo and AutoXpo; and maintain other essential general services, shall the City of Fortuna establish a one cent sales tax, requiring independent annual financial audits and public review, with all funds remaining in Fortuna?

Impartial Analysis
The City Council of the City of Fortuna placed Measure V on the ballot to ask the City's voters to approve a one percent (1.00%) transactions and use tax. The proposed tax would add a penny to the price of an item that costs a dollar.

Because Measure V would not limit the use of tax revenue, it is a "general tax," not a "special tax" that restricts the funds to specific purposes. Therefore, the City may use the funds for any legitimate governmental purpose. At the time that the City Council called for an election on Measure V, it also found that the revenue from the measure would provide a source of funding to address community priorities including: maintaining police protection services; maintaining 9-1-1 and emergency response; maintaining rapid response to illegal drug use; maintaining local business support and community event services; and restoring cuts to police protection.

The measure would authorize the City Council, by a four-fifths vote, to terminate the tax at any time.

Measure V would require the formation of an independent community oversight committee to review the expenditure of the revenue from the tax. The committee would consist of five members appointed by the Mayor and approved by the City Council. Separately, the City's independent auditors would annually prepare a separate accounting of the revenue received from the tax and the expenditures of revenue to be included the City's audited financial statements.

Currently, the total "sales tax" rate in Fortuna is 7.5%. The City's share is only 0.75% of that 7.5%.

Technically, the proposed measure is a "transactions and use tax." A transactions and use tax is levied on the same purchases as the existing sales tax, with some minor exceptions. Retailers and other merchants collect the tax at the time of sale and remit the funds to the State Board of Equalization, which administers the tax. The State Board of Equalization then transmits the funds collected to the City.

Measure V would authorize a 1% transactions and use tax, increasing the total sales tax rate in Fortuna to 8.5%. Revenue from the tax would go to the City's general fund and be available to support the full range of municipal services.

A "Yes" vote is a vote to approve a one-cent sales tax with annual review by independent auditors and a community oversight committee. A "No" vote is a vote against the tax. Measure V would be approved if it received a simple majority of "Yes" votes.

The above statement is an impartial analysis of Measure V. If you desire a copy of the ordinance or measure, please call the City Clerk's office at 707/725-1409 or and a copy will be mailed at no cost to you.

DATED: July 29, 2014 /s/ _______

David Tranberg, City Attorney
City of Fortuna

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Arguments For Measure V Arguments Against Measure V
Vote YES on V-- create jobs and a thriving local economy with funds that can't be taken by Sacramento!

Our tradition of fiscal prudence has helped Fortuna avoid the budget problems of other cities. But now, Sacramento money grabs have taken their toll and no one else will help us unless we help ourselves. YES on V provides local funding + Sacramento, federal and county government won't be able to touch a dime of this money!

Our region used to thrive with industries such as timber and fishing. But now those industries are gone. YES on V provides the local funding our city and its businesses need to create jobs and a thriving local economy.

Stop the regional drug culture threatening to make its way to Fortuna! YES on V helps restore cuts and gives our Fortuna Police force the officers and tools to keep our children away from drugs, reduce crime and keep our City safe.

YES on V gives Fortuna a fiscally responsible solution to our budget problems.

YES on V supports small businesses in the City, while sustaining our property values.

YES on V hires a police officer for the County drug prevention task force to help keep the drug culture out of Fortuna.

YES on V restores a school police officer to assist with disturbances and preventing drug use.

YES on V supports events like the Fortuna Rodeo and AutoXpo, bringing more events and visitors to our City.

YES on V is fiscally accountable! By law, funds are spent locally in Fortuna, and cannot be taken by Sacramento politicians. Annual independent financial audits and an Independent Citizens' Review committee will monitor spending and ensure funds are used as promised to you, the voter.

For factual information, visit Join us in supporting YES on V!

/s/ Douglas F. Strehl, Mayor of Fortuna

/s/ Robert E. Johnson, President, Fortuna Pharmacy Inc.

/s/ James N. Stanfield, Concerned Citizen

/s/ Corinne L. Stanfield, Citizen

/s/ Chuck Acridge

Rebuttal to Arguments For
Vote No on Measure V unless you don't mind city leaders taking more of your hard earned cash to spend as they see fit! Every time you make a taxable purchase, the city will be there to add to your purchase cost.

The recent recession is now over. Spending is up again along with increased tax revenue. The city will be receiving more revenue without the need to increase the cost to our residents on every taxable purchase.

If Measure V passes, we will be paying a higher sales tax than Eureka. Let's hang on to our reputation as the business friendly city. Right now, with our lower sales tax rate, the Friendly City is a very attractive place in which to make purchases. Let's not lose our edge!

If V passes, the Measure can be repealed at any time if 4 out of the 5 Council Members vote in favor of the repeal. Do you seriously believe that will ever happen? Our city needs to focus on attracting new businesses to our community not adding a new sales tax burden.

Just say NO! NO to increasing the sales tax in Foruna! NO to the Fortuna Budget Stabilization Measure!

/s/ Daniel Coleman

As a citizen of Fortuna, I would like to voice my opposition to the proposed increase to our city's sale tax. We have been promoting our city as a place to do business. We need to focus on being viewed as a business friendly city. Lets not be short-sighted!

Raising our sales tax to a rate higher than local surrounding cities will dissuade businesses from considering Fortuna as a place to locate. Raising the city's sales tax is an ill-considered idea Recently, two new businesses have come to Fortuna with another business adding a large amount of sales space.. This will certainly add to sales tax revenue without adding any additional sales tax to our purchases.

Do most families in Fortuna have to live within a budget? You bet they do! Even with a $5 million surplus, the city leaders want you to dig deeper into your pocket so that they can spend more.

Of course, the excuse to raise taxes is public safety! But apparently, the biggest objective of the tax increase is to build an even bigger surplus than we already have. Just say NO! NO to increasing the sales tax in Fortuna!

NO to the Fortuna Budget Stabilization Measure!

/s/ Daniel Coleman

Rebuttal to Arguments Against
Measure V is Pro-Business/Fiscally Responsible -Vote YES!

Measure V was developed to support Fortuna's businesses, and is supported by our business community. Our business and Chamber leaders assisted in the development of Measure V before it was placed on the ballot.

YES on V provides a strong foundation for Fortuna's long-term economic revitalization that maintains our property values and supports our economic revitalization. To offset the loss of industries such as timber and fishing, YES on V provides the local funding our City and its businesses need to create jobs and a thriving local economy.

Fortuna has made 10% across the board operational cuts for the past 3 years, cutting staffing to a bare minimum and draining reserves to fill budget gaps. We can't sustain any more cuts or allow our emergency reserves to drop to dangerous levels! YES on V maintains the essential services you expect and deserve, such as public safety services and local events that bring visitors to Fortuna to patronize our businesses!

Remember- businesses won't locate or succeed in unsafe, fiscally unstable environments. Funding generated by YES on V keeps the regional drug culture out of Fortuna and gives our Police Officers the tools and law enforcement personnel needed to keep our City safe and businesses flourishing.

Measure V, by law, requires that funds be spent only in Fortuna. It is subject to strict Fiscal Accountability protections. Sacramento can't touch a dime.

Join business leaders and Fortuna Police Officers-vote YES on V!

/s/Christina Taylor, President + HOPS in Humboldt

/s/Erin Dunn, CEO Fortuna Chamber of Commerce

/s/Clif Clendenen, Owner, Clendenen's Cider Works

/s/Charles Ellbrecht, President, Fortuna Police Employees Association

/s/Robert Crane, President C. Crane

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