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Contra Costa County, CA November 4, 2014 Election
Directory of Contra Costa County, CA Measures
County Results as of Dec 28 11:39am, 100.0% of Precincts Reporting (652/652)
49.1% Countywide Voter Turnout (259,007/527,521)

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Measure M. Bond Measure -- John Swett Unified School District (Bond Measure - 55% Approval Required)
Fail: 1687 / 53.91% Yes votes ...... 1442 / 46.09% No votes
To bring educational facilities and classrooms up to current earthquake safety standards; increase student access to classroom technology and science labs; improve vocational education facilities; complete John Swett High School renovations; and construct a new middle school: shall John Swett Unified School District be authorized to issue $52,000,000 of bonds at rates below legal limits, with oversight and audits, no money for administrator salaries, and all funds spent locally and not taken by the State and spent elsewhere?

Measure N. Bond Measure -- Pittsburg Unified School District (Bond Measure - 55% Approval Required)
Pass: 5483 / 68.48% Yes votes ...... 2524 / 31.52% No votes
To provide safe, modern neighborhood schools with updated computer technology,upgrade energy systems, including solar, reduce overcrowding, improve student learning by acquiring, upgrading, constructing, equipping classrooms, science/computer labs, and school facilities, replace aging roofs, plumbing, heating, ventilation/electrical systems, improve fire alarms, school security and earthquake safety, shall Pittsburg Unified School District issue $85,000,000 of bonds, within legal rates and state approved bonding capacity limits with independent oversight, no money for administrators' salaries, all funds staying local?

Measure O. Business License Tax -- City of Antioch (Majority Approval Required)
Pass: 8737 / 51.62% Yes votes ...... 8189 / 48.38% No votes
To provide funding that cannot be seized by the State, to maintain such general City services as police services, code enforcement, street repairs, senior services and youth programs, shall the City of Antioch adopt a residential landlord business license tax based on the type and number of units and confirm the existing gross receipts business license tax with an increased minimum tax, which is not a tax on the general public?

Measure P. Downtown "The Grove" Park Funding + Extension Of Existing Special Tax -- City of Clayton (Special Tax - 2/3 Approval Required)
Pass: 3212 / 81.25% Yes votes ...... 741 / 18.75% No votes
To continue the operation and maintenance of the Downtown "The Grove" Park, shall the existing special tax, funded by the citywide Community Facilities District 2006-1 levy, be extended at the current annual special tax with the same methodology rate (currently $19.03 per year for single-family residential parcels, with higher commercial parcel rate) for Fiscal Years 2017/2018 through 2036/2037?

Measure Q. Essential Services Measure -- City of Concord (Transactions and Use Tax - Majority Approval Required)
Pass: 19291 / 77.21% Yes votes ...... 5694 / 22.79% No votes
To continue funding that cannot be taken by the State to protect/maintain Concord's city services, including 911 response, police officers, gang prevention, crime investigation, neighborhood police patrols, city street/pothole repair, senior/youth programs, other city services, shall the City of Concord extend the existing voter-approved cent sales tax for 9 years only, without increasing the current tax rate, including annual audits, independent citizens oversight, and no money for Sacramento?

Measure R. Sales Tax -- City of El Cerrito (Majority Approval Required)
Pass: 5791 / 70.56% Yes votes ...... 2416 / 29.44% No votes
To continue to protect/ maintain City services, including fire prevention/ emergency services; emergency response times; neighborhood police patrols; firefighter/ police staffing; crime prevention/ investigation resources; after-school programs; library hours/ programs; senior services; open space, parks, paths/ playfields; other general City services, shall El Cerrito extend the existing voter-approved sales tax and set the future rate at one cent for 12 years, with citizens' oversight, annual audits, and all funds staying local, none to Sacramento?

Measure S. Approval Of Local Transactions and Use (Sales) Tax -- City of Pinole (Transactions and Use Tax - Majority Approval Required)
Pass: 2429 / 52.60% Yes votes ...... 2189 / 47.40% No votes
Shall an ordinance be adopted enacting a local half-cent transaction and use (sales) tax to maintain essential police and fire services, to prevent the reduction in maintenance of City parks and streets, and to prevent the reduction of youth, family and senior recreational services, subject to annual external audit and review?

Measure T. Appointive City Clerk -- City of Pleasant Hill (Majority Approval Required)
Pass: 6117 / 69.67% Yes votes ...... 2663 / 30.33% No votes
Shall the office of city clerk be appointive?

Measure U. Transactions and Use Tax -- City of Richmond (Majority Approval Required)
Pass: 10699 / 55.20% Yes votes ...... 8683 / 44.80% No votes
Shall the City of Richmond adopt a one-half cent transactions and use (sales) tax, to fund and maintain essential city services, such as public safety, public health and wellness programs, city youth programs and street paving?

Measure V. Appropriations Limit -- Kensington Police Protection and Community Services District (Majority Approval Required)
Pass: 1415 / 66.03% Yes votes ...... 728 / 33.97% No votes
Shall the appropriations limit of the Kensington Police Protection and Community Services District for Fiscal Year 2015-2016 be established at $3,744,262.00 and the limit for Fiscal Year 2015-2016 (i.e., $3,744,262.00) be used to determine the limits for Fiscal Years 2016-2017 through 2018-2019?

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