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State of California June 3, 2014 Election
Smart Voter Political Philosophy for Ronald Gold

Candidate for
Attorney General

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As a lifelong devotee to the principles of law enforcement, Ron has watched the attorney general's office become increasingly ineffective serving the residents of California. He believes an unchallenged Democratic control of all of California's executive elective positions has led to a state government that has little incentive to police itself. As the Republican attorney general, Ron will help to recreate the trust that Californians used to enjoy between their elected leaders and the public.

Ron will vigorously enforce corruption laws against government officials including embezzlement, fraud, trading influence and acting in violation of conflict provisions of the law. He will eliminate the custom of paying high priced consultants with political connections for work that can be done better, cheaper and faster by the Attorney General's office itself.

He will promote the concept of one person, one vote by limiting the power of special interests to control elections with unlimited spending. He will work to ensure that every Californian has the opportunity to express their political views without being drowned out by the sound of money.

Ron believes that the legalization of marijuana is an issue whose time has come. By implementing a law similar to the one currently in Colorado, the state will reduce the cost of law enforcement for victimless crimes, allowing scarce resources to be used for those more dangerous predators who victimize Californians. This law will reduce the incentive for drug cartels peddling illegal marijuana to operate in our state. At the same time, the tax revenues from the sale of legal marijuana will be a significant revenue source to the state on a product that is currently widely used and untaxed. This revenue can help fund our schools, improve correctional facilities, and provide funding for drug and alcohol rehabilitation as well as better mental health care access.

Ron wants to include all Californians in his vision for the future. He supports legislation that will allow undocumented residents to register in a state sanctioned program that will let them stay in California and work. He wants these hardworking, honest men and women to have a path to citizenship and will work with the federal government to push his proposals through. Ron also believes that our border must be secure and our workforce legal.

Our ability to keep our personal information private has been slowly eroded by our government claiming it needs to be intrusive for national security and marketing forces claiming they need our data to be better able to sell us more stuff. Ron believes that the essence of being American is to be free + free to be able to have confidence that we are secure in our homes, our jobs and our schools. Without the right to control what we reveal about ourselves, our freedoms are at the mercy of the next bureaucrat or marketer who wants to know what we're up to. Ron wants to work with the federal government and state agencies to change the culture of legal spying that is endemic in our society.

As an attorney with a deep experience in the problem of elder abuse, Ron wants to put nursing homes on notice that respect is due to our older citizens and he will fight to ensure that the care the elderly need will be provided with compassion and dignity.

Ron wants all Californians to know that time has come to break the monopoly of Democratic state executives. Ron Gold is a new kind of Republican, a Republican for all the people.

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