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Sacramento County, CA November 6, 2012 Election
Measure N
Bond Measure
San Juan Unified School District

55% Approval Required

Pass: 76,052 / 60.20% Yes votes ...... 50,281 / 39.80% No votes

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Results as of Nov 30 4:14pm, 100.0% of Precincts Reporting (274/274)
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To improve the quality of education at every school, modernize aging classrooms, upgrade technology, provide 21st century learning opportunities, improve student safety and become eligible for millions in additional State dollars, shall the San Juan Unified School District issue $350,000,000 in bonds at interest rates within the statutory limit and appoint a citizens' oversight committee, conduct annual independent audits, and spend funds only on school and classroom improvements, with NO money used for administrator salaries?

Impartial Analysis from Sacramento County Counsel
Measure N, if approved by the voters, would allow the San Juan Unified School District ("District") to incur bonded indebtedness up to a maximum amount of $350 million. The proceeds from the issuance and sale of such general obligation bonds could only be used for the construction, reconstruction, rehabilitation or replacement of school facilities, including the furnishing and equipping of school facilities, or the acquisition or lease of real property for school facilities.

No funds derived from bond sales may be used for general school operating expenses, including administrator and teacher salaries, or for any purpose or project other than those expressly stated in the measure. Measure N lists the school facility improvement projects within the District intended to be financed by bond sales.

To assure that funds are spent only as specified in the measure,Measure N requires: 1) the appointment of a citizen's oversight committee and 2) completion of annual independent performance and financial audits.

If Measure N is passed, the actual dates of sale and the amountof bonds sold would be governed by the District based on the need for construction funds and other factors. If Measure N is approved, the tax rates necessary for payment of principal and interest on any bonds sold will be largely dictated by the timing of the bond sales, the amount sold at a given sale, market interest rates at the time of each sale (although in no event greater than the maximum bond interest rate allowed by law), as well as actual assessed valuation of taxable property in the District over the term of repayment.

Passage of Measure N requires approval by fifty-five percent of the voters voting thereon.

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Arguments For Measure N Arguments Against Measure N
Every child deserves a quality education in a clean, safe, and modern school. That's why so many local parents, teachers, seniors, and community leaders are asking you to join them and vote Yes on Measure N.

Measure N, the Technology, Science, and Permanent Classroom School Bond will raise $350 million to make much-needed improvements to every school in the San Juan Unified School District, making our local schools eligible for millions of dollars in additional state and federal matching funds. Without a yes vote on Measure N our schools could lose this critical funding.

Measure N will help prepare students for the jobs of tomorrow by funding the replacement of leaky old portables with new modern classrooms, adding or upgrading science labs, reducing classroom overcrowding and enhancing student learning. Bond funded improvements to our schools, most of which are more than 50 years old, will also reduce district operating costs saving money that can then be spent on students and learning.

A Citizens' Oversight Committee composed entirely of community residents will ensure that every dollar is spent wisely. This measure prohibits any funds being used for administrators' salaries, pensions, or operating expenses, and guarantees that all money will directly benefit every child and every local school.We are proud of our students for their continued high academic achievement. Now it is our turn to step up and ensure that our kids have the best possible learning environment to prepare them for future success. Measure N will improve student achievement, preserve our schools, and protect our investment in our homes and our community.

Join us as we continue our tradition putting kids and schools first, vote Yes on Measure N.

s/Scott Jones, Sacramento County Sheriff
s/Susan Peters, Sacramento County Supervisor
s/Shannan Brown, 2011 California Teacher of the Year
s/Carl Burton, Sacramento County Taxpayers League Past Executive Director
s/Dick Cowan, San Juan Alumni Association President

Rebuttal to Arguments For
The proponents' argument reads like the same arguments they've made for two previous Bond Measures, while failing to mention that this is the third time that they've been to the well. The first was in 1998 for $175,000,000. and the second in 2002 for $350,000,000. Bonds from the second measure in the amount of $99,000,000. have yet to be sold.

When the remaining bonds are sold, taxpayers pay the $99,000,000. plus interest.

This election is not free. The County charges the School District approximately $17,290.

Why the rush to acquire more debt? Because proponents allege that our local schools will be "eligible for millions of dollars" in state and federal funds!

An entire generation has grown up under the weight of debt from the previous bonds.

When our property values go down, as they have, our taxes for the bond repayment go up, as they have.

We agree that children need good schools, but they also need homes.

Governments at all levels must economize for the future of our children and their children.

No new debt! Vote NO on N.

s/ Kathleen M. Willoughby, Property Owner, School Volunteer
s/ Merrillyn M. Carson, Former Board Member, San Juan Unified School District
s/ Karen S. Klinger, Parent / Real Estate
s/ Anthony (Tony) Andrade Jr., Civil Engineer /Rancher

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Measure N is the third Bond Measure to have been proposed in twelve years by the San Juan Unified School District. Although student enrollment has dropped by thousands and more than 10% of the schools have closed, the District still believes it must raise property taxes again.

The good times no longer roll. In the last 5 years property values have dropped by at least 1/3. Bankruptcies and foreclosures abound, and, yet, taxes continue to rise.

The tax rate for San Juan's 2002 Bond Measure has climbed from .06920 in 2007 to .09480 in 2012, resulting in a 50% tax increase in actual dollars just for San Juan GOB.

There is an expectation of "matching funds" from somewhere. But from where?

The National Debt has climbed to $16,000,000,000,000 with higher taxes and more debt planned.

California leads the nation in unemployment, taxes, debt, corporate flight and with a train from nowhere to nowhere.

Another $350,000,000 in debt? Not now! Vote NO on "N."

s/ Merrillyn M. Carson, Former Board Member, San Juan Unified School District
s/ Kathleen M. Willoughby, Property Owner, School Volunteer
s/ Karen S. Klinger, Parent / Real Estate
s/ Terri Lyn Alexander, Parent / Marketing
s/ Anthony (Tony) Andrade Jr., Civil Engineer /Rancher

Rebuttal to Arguments Against
Great schools require continuous effort and commitment. So the more things change, the more we cannot take our schools for granted. San Juan has a tradition of excellence, with quality schools, strong student achievement and high graduation rates.

With Measure N we can reaffirm our commitment to providing every child a quality education in a clean, safe, and modern school.

Yes, there have been many changes in the communities that make up the San Juan Unified School District but a slow economy, maturing neighborhoods, and fluctuating property values cannot be excuses to fail our students. Fiscal issues in national and state government should not stop us from maintaining our own community.

Measure N has nothing to do with the national debt, bullet trains, or any other hot button distractions. Money from Measure N will be used to improve every local school and nothing else. Fiscally, this is the perfect time to pass a bond; San Juan achieves significant cost savings on classroom construction and maximizes our eligibility for state and federal matching funds in this economy.

Taxpayers and business leaders support Measure N because it is fiscally responsible with strict citizen oversight. Parents and teachers support Measure N because every day they see the need for critical classroom improvements.

Join us as we put kids and schools first. Join us as we preserve our neighborhoods and property values. Join us as we vote Yes on Measure N.

s/Dr. Richard Pan, California State Assemblyman
s/Joe Dion, President, California Retired Teachers Assocation
s/Mary Lyn Kagan, Sacramento Metro Chamber of Commerce Education Committee Former Chair
s/Michael Day, President, California League of Bond Oversight Committees
s/Gerry Diamond, Bella Vista High School PTSA President

Full Text of Measure N
Ballot Pamphlet with Full Text

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