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Los Angeles County, CA November 6, 2012 Election
Measure U
Pomona City Charter Measure
City of Pomona

Charter Amendment - Majority Approval Required

Fail: 12,341 / 44.12% Yes votes ...... 15,633 / 55.88% No votes

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Results as of Dec 2 2:20pm, 100.00% of Precincts Reporting (56/56)
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Shall the Charter of the City of Pomona be amended as proposed by the Charter Review Commission, regarding setting Council district boundaries, Mayoral election as a stand alone election, "instant runoff" Councilmember elections, Council vacancy procedures, increasing contributions limits to Councilmembers, providing staff and legal counsel for Charter Commission, City budget and Capital Improvement Program appropriations, commitment to the Youth and Family Master Plan, and establising violations of the Charter as misdemeanors, among other changes?

Impartial Analysis from ARNOLD M. ALVAREZ-GLASMAN, City Attorney
Pomona City Charter Measure

The voters of the City of Pomona adopted the current City Charter ("Charter") in 1998. Pursuant to the Charter, a Commission was appointed in 2010 to propose amendments to the existing Charter. (Charter, art. XVII, 1701.) The 2010-11 Charter Review Commission produced a final report and requested certain proposed Charter amendments be presented to the City's voters.

If adopted, Measure "U" would amend the Charter as recommended by the Charter Review Commission and as described in the Commission's final report. The Commission proposed various changes to the Charter, including, but not limited to:

  • Adding various factors the City Council may consider in setting City Council district boundaries;
  • Changing the Mayoral election to be a "stand alone" election not consolidated with any other state or county election, commencing in 2017 and each odd-numbered year thereafter;
  • Providing for a five (5) year term for the Mayor elected in November 2012;
  • Keeping the current "by-district" system for Councilmember elections, but adding an "instant runoff" system, with a ballot that allows voters to rank candidates, when such voting is offered by the County of Los Angeles;
  • Providing that, if there is a vacancy on an appointive board or commission and the Mayor does not make a timely appointment, the City Council may nominate and approve a candidate to fill the vacancy;
  • Specifying certain duties of City Councilmembers, including conducting business in a manner to benefit the entire City, reporting to the public the activities of the commissions and boards to which the Councilmember is a member, and setting goals for the improvement of the City;
  • Requiring the City distribute press releases and publish notices of public hearing for budget and Capital Improvement Program discussions;
  • Providing that the City give preference to individuals and businesses within the City for City contracts, to the extent allowed by law;
  • Revising current conflict of interest provisions to allow for increased contributions limits to City Councilmembers, from $250.00 to $500.00 within the previous 12 months;
  • Defining the procedure for appointing or removing Charter Commission members;
  • Declaring the City's commitment to the Youth and Family Master Plan; and
  • Establishing violations of the Charter as misdemeanors.

In order to be adopted, the measure must be approved by a majority of the voters. (Charter, art. XVI, 1603.) If adopted, the measure will take effect upon the filing and acceptance by the California Secretary of State. If the provisions of two measures adopted at the same election conflict, the measure that receives the highest number of affirmative votes controls as to the portions of the measure that are in direct conflict. (Elections Code 9221.)

A "Yes" vote on Measure "U" would approve all of the changes proposed by the Charter Review Commission in its final report, and the Charter would be so amended. A "No" vote on Measure "U" will maintain the current Charter, without any of the proposed changes.

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Arguments For Measure U
Your YES vote on Measure U ensures that the City Charter--Pomona's Constitution--remains an effective, living document that is aligned with our City's current practices and priorities.

By law, once per decade, a citizens' committee must consider proposed updates to the Charter. Accordingly, our diverse group of 15 Pomona residents from all walks of life met regularly last year in public sessions, and by way of a spirited, transparent, democratic process arrived at a consensus as to what proposals should be set before the voters.

Here are brief reasons for some of the most substantive proposals:

  • Holding mayoral elections in odd years provides equal opportunity for all to run for Mayor and focuses attention on this critical leadership office.
  • Instant runoff voting encourages democracy and leadership by ensuring that our representatives are elected by a majority of voters without the cost of run-off elections.
  • Holding Councilmembers accountable to make appointments to boards and commissions and to communicate with those appointees ensures that the critical voices of volunteer citizens cannot be ignored.
  • Planning for the success of youth and families is appropriately incorporated as a charter-level City responsibility.
  • Using the City's website to publish official notices saves money.
  • Modest changes to timelines support more careful preparation and swifter consideration of the City budgets.
  • After significant public testimony, input from various community organizations, careful study, and healthy debate we concluded that the creation of a citizens' Police Commission will improve public safety and help build trust between our families and those we hire to protect and serve.
  • Favoring Pomona residents and businesses in City contracting and purchasing can improve our local economy.

YES on U means YES to the democratic process and YES to prioritizing fairness, accountability, and prosperity over the next decade.

Charter Review Commissioner

Charter Review Commissioner

Charter Review Commissioner

Charter Review Commissioner

(No arguments against Measure U were submitted)

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