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Los Angeles County, CA November 6, 2012 Election
Measure T
Pomona Citizen's Right to Vote Initiative Measure
City of Pomona

Ordinance - Majority Approval Required

Fail: 13,350 / 46.16% Yes votes ...... 15,571 / 53.84% No votes

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Results as of Dec 2 2:20pm, 100.00% of Precincts Reporting (56/56)
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Shall an ordinance be adopted to change the method of electing the six City Council members from the current "bydistrict" method, where voters from each district vote for the candidate representing each respective district pursuant to the Pomona City Charter, to an "atlarge" system where candidates representing each district are elected by voters citywide?

Impartial Analysis from ARNOLD M. ALVAREZ-GLASMAN, City Attorney
Pomona Citizen's Right to Vote Initiative Measure-Amendme~t to Pomona City Charter section 401 (d)

Under the current Pomona City Charter ("Charter"), the City Council consists of a Mayor and six (6) other members. The Mayor is nominated and elected by all voters in the City, which is known as an "at-large" system. The six (6) members of the City Council represent one (1) of six (6) Council districts in the City. These six (6) members must reside in the district they represent, and are nominated and elected only by the voters residing in the particular district. (Charter, 401(d).) This method of election is known as a "by-district" system. The current system was approved by the voters of Pomona in 1998.

If adopted, Measure "T" would change the method by which the members are elected to the City Council. The measure would amend Section 401(d) of the Charter by changing the method by which the six (6) other members of the City Council are elected to an "at-large" method. If the measure is adopted, any voter residing in the City could vote for all six (6) members of the City Council representing any district, in addition to the Mayor and, conversely, voters from other districts would be able to vote for Council representatives from areas outside of the districts in which they live.

If adopted, the measure would not change the current requirement that the six (6) members must be residents of and nominated by the district they represent, and would not change the current "at-large" method for election of the Mayor. If adopted, the measure would take effect upon the earliest date legally possible after the City Clerk certifies the votes, and would be implemented at the next General Municipal Election held in the City. If the provisions of two measures adopted at the same election conflict, the measure that receives the highest number of affirmative votes controls as to the portions of the measure that are in direct conflict. (Elections Code 9221.)

A "Yes" vote on Measure "T" would change the method by which the six (6) members of the City Council are elected to an "at-large" method. A "No" vote on Measure "T" will maintain the current "by-district" system for the six (6) other members of the City Council.

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Arguments For Measure T Arguments Against Measure T
This Measure will provide every voter in Pomona the right to vote in all city elections. We urge you to vote Yes on Measure T. In 2010, more than 11,500 registered Pomona voters signed the petition to get this Measure on the ballot.

They signed this petition because they wanted change and a voice in electing all City Council Members.


  • There are Six council Districts.
  • Candidates must live in the District in which they are running for office.
  • Candidates are nominated by the voters in their District.
  • Candidates are only responsible for their District.
  • Only voters in their District can vote for a candidate, or can vote to recall Council Members.

  • NO CHANGE, keep the six Districts.
  • NO CHANGE, candidate must live in District in which they are running for office.
  • NO CHANGE, candidates are nominated by the voters in their District.
  • COUNCIL MEMBERS are responsible to their District and the entire City.
  • ALL VOTERS can vote for all candidates for City Council, or can vote to recall a Council Member.

Your YES vote restores Pomona as a unified governmental unit. Currently voters have only a 1/6th voice in city elections because they are prohibited from voting for five of the six Council Members. This Measure ensures all registered voters are permitted to vote for all candidates running for City Council.

This Measure creates a unified Council working as a cohesive body for all residents. Pomona's current system does not allow elected officials to develop and implement a proactive approach for the City.

Out of the thousands of supporters, political groups, and organizations, only current Council Members have expressed their disagreement with this measure.

That's why they prepared the argument against this Measure.

Vote YES.

Community Activist

Planning Commission

Retired Teacher

Community Activist

Community Volunteer

Rebuttal to Arguments For

The Pomona Police Officers' Association paid a company $38,303.00 to mislead citizens to gather signatures to place Measure T on this ballot.


They, and former unsuccessful candidates signing their argument, want to overpower or dilute your vote through their proposed "citywide" elections. They want others to choose for you.


A perfect example of what will happen should Measure T be approved: rich organizations will select pools of candidates, pay for their campaigns, tell you who to vote for, and take total control of your city. That's wrong!


Pomona is a great example of how democracy works. Currently, every citizen has a representative overseeing programs, services, and public works needed in each of the six districts. Every voter in the city elects the mayor.


Council members are responsible for their districts and the entire city. They form a cohesive body responsible for policies, ordinances, and resolutions that govern the entire city. They establish citywide goals, objectives, and strategies that strive to provide a good quality of life for all. Everybody works for you!


If approved, Measure T will put you in a situation similar to school district elections, where NO South Pomona resident has been elected in more than 30 years.

The current system works for all of us; use your power to keep it in place.


Council Member

District 2

District 6

District 4

District 1


Measure T misleads you by implying you don't have a right to elect your representatives. The truth is district elections force candidates to live in the district they want to represent, and to know the needs and expectations of the residents. As voters, you have the opportunity to know the character and motives of the candidates, because they are your neighbors.

In 1989 you obtained the right to elect candidates living within your district. Proponents of Measure T want to take away that right and give it to special interests, and others who may not even know your area. You need to protect your rights.

Electing candidates by district has been very effective for the City. Under the old system of elections, many neglected areas went for years without lights, sidewalks, street repairs or other. Citizens did not have representation. They did not have a voice.

Under the present district election system, families can now enjoy better parks and more community centers. Most important, through their council member, they have a voice and an advocate in city hall. This system allows residents to run as candidates with limited budgets without depending on special interests for campaign financing.

Who is behind Measure T? A group of dissatisfied residents who have lost their own campaigns to become council members or mayors of Pomona.

Don't trust them!

Who paid thousands of dollars to gather the signatures needed to place the measure on this ballot? A police organization that has run many candidates unsuccessfully, and wants to change the election system for their financial benefit. Don't believe them!

Presently, you can run for office or elect representatives from your area. Don't let unions, developers or other special interests take away your rights.

Thank you for voting NO!


PAULA LANTZ Council Member

Rebuttal to Arguments Against
Voters BEWARE of Council Members who ignore your voices. Measure T provides you the right to vote in ALL city elections. Politicians argue against Measure T because they do not want you to elect all Council Members.

Your elected officials again are falsifying the facts and will say anything to protect the District Kingdoms they have built. Measure T requires candidates to live within their districts, to be nominated by voters in their district and to represent their districts and the entire city. The only change, Measure T expands your rights by allowing you to vote for ALL Council Members in ALL elections and to recall any Council Member

Currently, six of the seven Members of the Council are supported and financed by numerous special interest groups who are outside of Pomona.

What kind of effective government do we have? No place to shop, no economy, reduced public safety, no plans, no functional library, no reserve funds and a high utility tax.

Over 11,000 Pomona voters signed the petitions to put Measure T on the Ballot. Citizens are dissatisfied with the way Pomona is managed. Don't trust those who argue against Measure T.

Measure T was 100% started by concerned Pomona citizens who want a better and more responsible government.

Do not be deceived by politicians. Measure T does not change Districts or District Representation. Measure T increases your rights to elect Council Members.

It's time for accountability! You can make it happen by voting YES ON MEASURE T.

Planning Commission

Democratic Committee Member

Community Activist

Community Activist

Community Volunteer

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