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Los Angeles County, CA November 6, 2012 Election
Measure HH
Conservation Funding
Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority Area 1

Special Tax - 2/3 Approval Required

Pass: 26,746 / 76.18% Yes votes ...... 8,365 / 23.82% No votes

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Results as of Dec 2 2:20pm, 100.00% of Precincts Reporting (61/61)
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To protect, maintain and conserve local open space, parklands and wildlife corridors; protect water quality in local creeks and reservoirs; improve fire prevention including brush clearing; acquire open space, and increase park ranger safety security patrols, shall the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority implement a special $24 tax annually for ten years only, with all funds spent locally in the Santa Monica Mountains east of the 405 freeway, and require independent citizen oversight and audits?

Impartial Analysis from
John F. Krattli
County Counsel
Approval of Measure HH would authorize the Governing Board ("Board") of the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority ("MRCA") to impose a special parcel tax ("Tax") of $24 per year, for ten years, on all taxable developed real property within a community facilities district located in a designated portion of the Santa Monica Mountains and Hollywood Hills, situated west of Griffith Park and east of the Interstate 405 (the "East Santa Monica Mountains/Hollywood Hills Area" or "Area").

The MRCA is a local park agency whose members include the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, that is responsible for maintaining and improving open space, parkland and wildlife corridors within the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy Zone.

The proceeds of the Tax will be used for the purpose of maintaining, acquiring, improving, servicing, protecting, and preserving open space, parkland, wildlife corridors, natural habitats, lands, waters and facilities; protecting water quality and providing fire prevention and park ranger safety and security; and to pay for related administrative or incidental costs.

The Tax shall be collected annually through the County of Los Angeles property tax bill in the same manner as the County property taxes are collected, and subject to the same penalties. The proceeds of the Tax shall be deposited into a separate account for the exclusive use of MR,CA, in accordance with Government Code section 50075.1. The MRCA will submit an annual report to the Board showing the amount of funds collected and expended, and the status of any projects required or authorized to be funded from the Tax. In addition, the Board shall appoint an independent citizen's oversight committee to review and report annually on the expenditure of the Tax. Unimproved parcels within the Area shall be exempt from the Tax.

This Measure requires a two-thirds (2/3) vote for passage.

  Official Information

Proposed East Santa Monica Mountains/Hollywood Hills Open Space District

Map of Area Affected by Measure HH
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Arguments For Measure HH
The Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority manages the unique system of open space, parklands, wildlife corridors, trails, and Mulholland Drive scenic overlooks near our homes in the Santa Monica Mountains between Griffith Park and the 405 freeway. Unlike most public agencies, the MRCA does not receive ongoing funding from local or state taxes.

Measure HH will provide a temporary source of revenue to maintain fire prevention services, ranger patrols, remove litter, and protect open space and wildlife corridors in our communities.

Measure HH will also improve water quality in local creeks and reservoirs.

Measure HH will cost homeowners only $2 a month and can only be used to:

  • Provide for improved fire prevention services including crews to clear dry brush and other fire hazards
  • Protect open space in the following communities: Beachwood Canyon, Benedict Canyon, Bel Air, Beverly Glen, Cahuenga Pass, Coldwater Canyon, Hollywood Dell, Hollywood Heights, Hollywood Hills, Hollywoodland, Lake Hollywood, Laurel Canyon, The Oaks, Outpost Estates, Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Sunset Plaza, and West Hollywood
  • Acquire critical open space
  • Increase park ranger safety and security patrols to prevent crimes and vandalism
  • Keep pollution and trash out of local creeks and reservoirs
  • Make needed repairs to trails and trailheads

The threat of fires is real. Measure HH will reduce the risk of wildfires and prevent drastic cutbacks in fire prevention, safety and security services, and the maintenance of our local open spaces and parklands.

Measure HH will ensure that our local parklands, natural open spaces, and streams are preserved for future generations and help maintain property values.

Every penny raised by Measure HH will stay in our communities and cannot be taken away by the state or used in other areas or for other purposes.

A Citizen's Oversight Committee will conduct annual audits to ensure funds are spent properly and only for the purposes and the communities listed above.

Please vote Yes on Measure HH

Los Angeles City Councilmember

Los Angeles City Councilmember

President, Hillside Federation

Actor, Environmental Advocate

President, Studio City Residents Association

(No arguments against Measure HH were submitted)

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