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Los Angeles County, CA November 6, 2012 Election
Measure CL
School Improvement Funding
Local Classrooms Funding Authority

Special Tax - 2/3 Approval Required

Pass: 26,631 / 70.42% Yes votes ...... 11,186 / 29.58% No votes

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Results as of Dec 2 2:20pm, 100.00% of Precincts Reporting (71/71)
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To protect academic quality in local K-12 schools; maintain math, science, English programs; provide education for students with disabilities/special needs; support computer technology and school security; prepare students for college/careers; retain excellent teachers; shall Local Classrooms Funding Authority levy a special tax of 2/square foot of lot for residential property, and 7.5/square foot for other property types; requiring citizens oversight, audits, senior exemptions, no money for administrator salaries and all funds staying local?

Impartial Analysis from John F. Krattli, County Counsel
Approval of Measure CL would authorize the Board of Directors ("Board") of the Local Classrooms Funding Authority ("Authority") to levy a special parcel tax ("Tax") of two cents (2) per square foot of lot for residential property, and seven and one-half cents (7.5) per square foot of lot for non-residential property, per year, on each parcel of taxable real property within the Authority that receives a separate tax bill for property taxes. The Tax rate shall be adjusted annually to account for inflation, based on the Consumer Price Index as defined in the measure. Multiple parcels that are contiguous, under common ownership, and contain one single-family residence, will be treated as a single parcel for purposes of the Tax.

The Authority was created by a joint powers agreement with proceeds allocated to member districts in an amount equal to 40% to Centinela Valley Union High School District ("Centinela"), 16.6% to Hawthorne School District, 14.7% to Lawndale School District, 8.7% to Lennox School District, and 20% to Wiseburn School District. Any funds unallocated shall be split equally. The boundaries of the Authority are the same as, and encompasses all property within, the boundaries of Centinela. The Authority will place an advisory measure on the ballot in 2024, and every four years thereafter, asking voters' opinion regarding continuation of the Tax. Such advisory measure is not binding on the Authority. Levy of the Tax ceases upon termination of Authority.

Tax revenues shall only be applied for the specific purposes identified in the measure, including protecting programs in math, science, and English; funding special education; maintaining up-to-date computer and technology programs and vocational classes for job and career training; preparing students for success in college; keeping schools safe; and attracting and retaining teachers. No Tax proceeds shall be used for administrators' salaries.

All property that would otherwise be exempt from property taxes, or on which ad valorem property taxes are not levied in any year, will be exempt from the Tax. An exemption will also be granted on any parcel owned by one or more persons, who are 65 years or older, or who receive Supplemental Security Income for a disability, regardless of age, and who occupy a parcel as a principal residence, upon application for exemption to the Authority.

The proceeds of the Tax shall be deposited into a special account. An annual written report shall be made to the Board showing the amount of funds collected and distributed to each member district. The Authority shall appoint an independent citizens' oversight committee to review allocation of the Taxes collected and to ensure money raised is properly allocated. Additionally, the member school districts shall appoint independent citizens' oversight committees to review expenditures to ensure that Tax proceeds are spent for their authorized purposes.

The Taxes levied under this Measure shall be collected by the Treasurer and Tax Collector at the same time and manner, and subject to the same penalties, as general ad valorem property taxes.

This Measure requires a two-thirds (2/3) vote for passage.

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Arguments For Measure CL Arguments Against Measure CL
Had enough of Sacramento budget cuts devastating your local schools? Yes on CL improves education for all our students and guarantees our fair share of local funding for:
  • Hawthorne School District
  • Lawndale Elementary School District
  • Lennox School District
  • Wiseburn School District
  • Centinela Valley Union High School District

Over the last five years, California has seized a jaw-dropping $120 Million from our local neighborhood schools. We can do something about it!

YES on CL raises over $11 millionlyear for schools in your neighborhood. Every penny of the money stays here, and NO MONEY CAN BE TAKEN BY SACRAMENTO.

YES on CL improves the academic quality of our schools, keeping class sizes as small as possible and giving students the teachers, computers and learning technology they need for academic and career success. YES on CL:

  • Protects academic programs in math, science, and English
  • Helps students with physical/learning disabilities or special needs
  • Prepares students for success in college/universities
  • Fosters student learning in computers and technology to prepare kids for 21 st century jobs
  • Prepares students to compete for jobs/careers
  • Retains excellent teachers
  • Supports school security
  • Guarantees your community's fair share of local education funding

Yes on CL also makes a Wiseburn community high school a reality! And Yes on CL benefits all our communities by strengthening local property values.

Measure CL requires annual financial audits and Independent Citizens Oversight Committees from each of our five school districts to ensure funds are spent as promised. Seniors and those on disability are exempt from paying, and no money can be used for administrators' salaries.

Enough is enough from Sacramento! Our local school districts have joined together to pass Measure CL, ensuring our students get the quality education they deserve. Join teachers, parents, seniors, and community leaders - vote YES on CL!


Wiseburn School District Teacher of the Year

Member, School Site Councils, Hawthorne MS & Washington Elem.

Principal, Lucille J. Smith Elem. in Lawndale Elem. School District

Regional Commissioner, AYSO Region 21 Hawthorne

Former Board Member, Lennox School District

This is a proposed new tax by an improvised new government agency formed by a coalition of school districts that with this tax they hope to accomplish what they could not before the budget problems, which is, to run excellent schools. This new agency will be led by the most failing of school districts: Centinela Valley. They claim that per student funding has decreased by more than $2,000 in the past three years when in fact it has decreased less than $500, according to their own figures. This tax would be VERY UNFAIRLY DISTRIBUTED, with the lion's share going to Wiseburn ($1,154/student) and Centinela Valley High Schools ($949/student), and the crumbs going to Lennox ($239/student), Hawthorne ($294/student), and Lawndale ($367/student). The ballot text makes unfounded claims such as this tax will allow students to get a high tech job and earn a living, and the schools will finally become so good that property values will go up. If they could not deliver excellent schools when the budget was not the problem that it is today, they will not be able to do it now. Further, they propose that if this tax is not approved, then they will reduce quality even more. It is unacceptable for them to offer this outcome, when they should be embracing cost-effective alternatives which include charter schools, supporting learning collaboratives, and home education, which are proving to provide great results. This tax is one of four proposed in this ballot to improve education, plus two more for green projects and transportation. All these taxes are eroding the affordability of the area, which will make it more difficult for graduates to find jobs and earn a living.

Friends & Alumni of Leuzinger H.S.

EI Camino Village Community Watch Association

Former School Board Member and Parent

Homeowner, Businessowner, and Parent

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