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Fresno County, CA November 6, 2012 Election
Directory of Fresno County, CA Measures
County Results as of Dec 4 7:29am, 100.0% of Precincts Reporting (611/611)
63.8% Countywide Voter Turnout (261652/410187)

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Measure B. Libraries Protection Measure -- Fresno County (2/3 Approval Required)
Pass: 180499 / 73.29% Yes votes ...... 65784 / 26.71% No votes
To protect libraries from state budget cuts by preventing library closures and reduced library hours; keeping qualified librarians; improving reading/literacy, job search programs/computer technology; providing neighborhood school-library joint programs, and maintaining services for children, seniors and the blind, shall Fresno County voters continue the voter-approved 1/8-cent sales tax for neighborhood libraries for sixteen years, with audits, citizen's oversight, all funds staying in Fresno County and no tax rate increase?

Measure C. Neighborhood School Bond -- Caruthers Unified School District (55% Approval Required)
Pass: 1264 / 66.95% Yes votes ...... 624 / 33.05% No votes
To offset severe state cuts, maintain quality neighborhood schools, and retain/attract quality teachers by: Improving agricultural/vocational education programs; Upgrading deteriorating classrooms, technology, science labs, libraries, and fire safety; Repairing electrical wiring, leaky roofs, plumbing/restrooms; Repairing air/heating/water systems; and Constructing/equipping school facilities Shall Caruthers Unified School District issue $12,000,000 in bonds at legal interest rates, independent audits, citizen's oversight, no money for administrators' salaries/pensions, and prohibit Sacramento from taking these local funds?

Measure F. Charter Amendment Bond -- City of Fresno (Majority Approval Required)
Pass: 76318 / 68.71% Yes votes ...... 34761 / 31.29% No votes
Shall the Charter be amended to require Council to establish: a policy for managing City reserves; a policy for issuing and managing debts with Controller certification on the reliability of funds for debt repayment; and a policy establishing a due diligence process for evaluating requests by the private sector for City financial assistance that exceeds one million dollars?

Measure K. School Bond -- Kings Canyon Unified School District (55% Approval Required)
Pass: 6606 / 63.33% Yes votes ...... 3825 / 36.67% No votes
To offset State budget cuts, qualify for State matching funds, provide every community equal educational opportunities, and retain/attract quality teachers, by acquiring, constructing, repairing, renovating, furnishing, and equipping new and existing school and community/joint-use facilities including: bathrooms, roofs, fire safety, libraries, technology, energy efficiency, handicap accessibility, and vocational education, shall Kings Canyon Joint Unified School District issue $40 million in bonds at legal interest rates, with citizens' oversight, and all money staying local, not for administrators' salaries?

Measure L. School Bond -- West Hills Community College District (55% Approval Required)
Pass: 822 / 62.80% Yes votes ...... 487 / 37.20% No votes
To renovate, equip/construct classrooms/college facilities, upgrade computer/technology systems for student access, and reduce overall borrowing costs, shall $12,655,000 of West Hills Community College District School Facilities Improvement District No. 3 bonds, approved by voters in November 2008, be reauthorized through issuance of new bonds, with no increase in total authorized District debt, interest rates below legal limits, independent citizen oversight, no money for any salaries, and all funds spent locally and not taken by the State?

Measure M. School Bond -- Mendota Unified School District (55% Approval Required)
Pass: 856 / 73.92% Yes votes ...... 302 / 26.08% No votes
To modernize, renovate, and construct classrooms, restrooms and school facilities at local Mendota schools, improve energy efficiency by replacing outdated windows, lighting, and heating ventilation and air-conditioning systems, improve student access to computers and modern technology; and replace leaky roofs and inadequate electrical systems; shall the Mendota Unified School District issue $19,000,000 of bonds at legal interest rates, have an independent citizens' oversight committee and have NO money taken by the State or used for salaries?

Measure O. County Charter -- Fresno County (Majority Approval Required)
Fail: 115411 / 49.01% Yes votes ...... 120090 / 50.99% No votes
Shall Fresno County Charter, Section 13, be amended to allow the County to employ independent contractors for services performed by County employees by majority vote of the Board of Supervisors and to read: SECTION 13: Notwithstanding Section 44 of this Charter or other provisions of law, the County may employ independent contractors to perform any County service, including service then being performed by County employees, with three affirmative votes of the Board of Supervisors?

Measure S. School Bond -- Sanger Unified School District (55% Approval Required)
Pass: 9986 / 70.37% Yes votes ...... 4204 / 29.63% No votes
To offset severe state budget cuts, maintain quality neighborhood schools, and retain/attract quality teachers by: Upgrading deteriorating classrooms, science labs, vocational education classrooms, libraries, and fire safety systems; Repairing electrical systems, leaky roofs, plumbing/restrooms; Upgrading classroom technology; Ensuring handicapped accessibility; and Constructing/equipping school facilities/acquiring sites Shall Sanger Unified School District issue $50 million in bonds at legal interest rates, with independent annual audits, no money for administrators' salaries or pensions, and all money used locally?

Measure W. School Bond -- Washington Unified School District (55% Approval Required)
Pass: 2757 / 72.80% Yes votes ...... 1030 / 27.20% No votes
To better prepare Washington Union High School students for college and quality jobs, shall Washington Unified School District upgrade technology in classrooms, job-training labs, and student- support facilities; modernize science labs; rehabilitate deteriorated roofs, plumbing, electrical, lighting, ventilation; improve safety; and acquire/construct/repair instructional and athletic sites, facilities and equipment; by issuing $22,000,000 in bonds at legal interest rates, with independent citizen oversight, no administrators' salaries, and all funds dedicated locally to Washington Union High School?

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