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Triple Convergence of Problems (Written in 2008 showing the vision of David Paul))

By David Paul

Candidate for Mayor; City of Lancaster

This information is provided by the candidate
What needs to be done.
Hello, I am David Paul and I wrote this message.

I promise you three things. I will tell you the truth about the scope and magnitude of the problems we face. I will offer solutions that actually fix these problems and set us on the right path for the future. And I will include everyone with a kind heart and a good idea into the specific planning of our new city charter.

First the problem.

We are headed for some very challenging times. A triple convergence of factors will require a mayor with the foresight and strength to meet them. State budget cuts and the economic down turn will lead to greater funding short falls and deficits than the elected officials who got us into this mess are willing to tell you. And that is the good news. The bad news is the water. Without enough water none of that other stuff will matter much. We do not have enough water now, yet unrealistic ambitions for development continue to be encouraged by our elected officials. The truth is, there is no more water and you should expect to soon pay 5 to 10 times more than what you pay now for a half or less of the water you currently use. And unless we start making drastic cuts in our water use today, it will be much worse. And finally there is the scourge of the powerbrokers. Whether or not it is true, the perception is these people buy and control our councils to do their bidding. If such a thing as a powerbroker did exist, they would be the ones driving us right off that deep end of development abyss.

The solution.

The future requires us as a city to move to the strong mayor form of government if for no other reason than to dispel all doubt about who runs the city; it will be the elected professional fulltime paid chief executive mayor. But there are many other major benefits to it as well. A charter city has much greater control over its municipal affairs than the general law city, weak mayor form of government, we currently have. The purpose of the charter process is to achieve far greater control over our economic destiny as a city in matters ranging from the collection of fees, local ordinances, section 8 and immigration control and water and power and police. I invite you to join me in considering how we draft our charter to take full advantage of these opportunities.

No matter what other candidates promise, they will not succeed with our current form of city government in place. A strong mayor with bold vision is what will give us the competitive edge to adapt most quickly to the worsening conditions on the way. A strong mayor with real vision is not our best hope, it is our only hope. We must start to conserve water immediately and move to the strong mayor form of government as soon as I am sworn in to have any chance to fix our city.

Anything else is more of the same and we will suffer if we do not embrace the future.

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