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San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Ventura Counties, CA November 2, 2010 Election
Smart Voter Political Philosophy for Darrell M. Stafford

Candidate for
United States Representative; District 23

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Our country has become polarized to the point that our Congressional Members position themselves in clans in the chambers of Congress. The Republican Party hovers together on one side of the chamber while the Democrats gather on the other side. The few Independent Members in the chambers are thrown up against the wall. The political parties are highly intolerant towards each other and are overwhelmed by special interest lobbyists with pockets full of money. They no longer represent the people but instead ban together on issues and fight over the special interest money.

Like Congress, our society in whole, has become so polarized and intolerant that it would be counterproductive to speak ill of any Congressional Member. Even thought they have become irresponsible, bombastic, arrogant, unethical, greedy and unresponsive to the wishes of their constituents we must remember that we, the people, voted them into office and placed them in positions of authority without accountability.

So how do we confront such powerful groups as the Democratic and Republican Parties and build the qualities of trust, honor and ethics into our government? How do we create an environment that promotes constituency representation? I believe the answer requires focusing in on the candidate and our expectations. I believe we need to wake up the silent majority by showing them a path to a responsive Congress. We need to embrace the plan described below and back a candidate who will set an extemporary example for others to follow.

Our Federal Officials have insulated themselves from the voters and have side stepped any type of accountability. They no longer represent their constituency and they avoid as much transparency as possible. These truths are self evident and must no longer be tolerated.

To achieve accountability we need to establish Independent Citizens' Oversight Committees (COC) to monitor the performance and behavior of each Elected Official and be in charge of a "District Wide" uncensored two-way communication network between their community and the COC. The committee should be well balanced with people from all parties, ages, races and locations throughout the district. The COC would act like a House of Representatives within the district and would be responsible for advising the Elected Official. The COC would only be an advisory committee but it would have the following major powers and responsibilities: 1) the ability to directly and quickly communicate to the district, 2) the ability to initiate a recall vote, 3) the power to contract with the candidate, 4) the responsibility to oversee periodic and surprise audits of the Elected Official.

The candidate would sign a "recall agreement" and an "honesty agreement." The recall agreement would spell out significant financial penalties should the Elected Official not step down. The honesty agreement would spell out significant financial penalties should the Elected Official abuse his position of Trust. Needless to say, a breach of Trust would most likely result in financial penalties and a recall vote.

Next, the candidate would be required to submit financial reports in the same format as those currently used by Corporate America. This periodic information, along with other full disclosure information, would be posted on the District Wide Network. To conclude the transparency requirement the Elected Official would be required to audio tape all meetings with special interest groups and make them public.

Finally, the Elected Official would be required to communicate his vote to the constituency prior to casting his vote. This important requirement removes all shadows of secrecy and gives the community time to respond.

I believe this plan is simple, achievable and would be effective.

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