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Survey on Issues

By Darrell M. Stafford

Candidate for United States Representative; District 23

This information is provided by the candidate
My answers to questions received from various special interest organizations.
1. What is your name and what office are you running for? Darrell M. Stafford Candidate, U.S. House of Representatives, Ca 23rd District

2. What is the proper role of the federal government in the economy?

The proper role of the federal government in our economy is to maintain the financial strength of our country by using sound financial logic and common sense to design a system which is based on high level oversight and regulations. A major responsibility of the federal government is to form independent Citizen Oversight Committees (COC) to provide non-political solutions. The federal government must support the inclusion of people with strong financial track records (like me). Our country is facing a financial crisis caused by a Congress which is void of financial expertise.

3. What is your view on abortion? Should it be regulated by the states or by the federal government?

Government, at any level, will never resolve the abortion issue. It must refrain from dividing the country over an issue that is above them. Though some high level regulations are necessary, the final decision on abortion must be left between the mother and her creator.

4. Do you support the Federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA)? Why or why not? Is a constitutional amendment needed to define marriage as only between one man and one woman? Why or why not?

I support the DOMA because I believe that one of the major purposes of marriage is to form a family unit which includes children. Though I believe in DOMA I don't believe partners of the same sex should be discriminated against. There should be no benefits given to individuals based on marriage status. I don't believe a constitutional amendment should be necessary.

5. How would you reduce the federal deficit?

While working in Corporate America I created operating and cash flow budgets for nearly three decades. We made every budget! If elected, I would oppose any budget that did not generate a surplus. Simply stated, I'd roll back all federal budgets to 1980 as a starting point. From there I would fight for zero based budgeting and require expenditures to be limited to 95% of gross annual proceeds. I would call on the assistances of a Citizens Oversight Committee to remove "self-interest," "pet programs" and political arguing.

On day 1 I would fight to have Federal Government Financial Statements created in accordance with GAAP with an "easy to understand format" to be sent to every American citizen.

Americans will experience great financial pain when we feel the full impact of the destructive direction our Congress has taken us over the past 10 years. How great that pain will be will depend on how long we ignore the problem.

6. Do you support or oppose universal healthcare plan for all Americans? If so, how should it be funded?

Every civilization has had difficulty in providing for its old and poor. I believe our charitable country should provide healthcare services for all Americans. However, I believe the answer to universal healthcare is on the supply side, not the demand side. By making healthcare careers more accessible we can provide more jobs for Americans while driving down the cost of healthcare. I oppose the current universal healthcare plan because I believe it is just a scam used to increase federal revenues to cover up excessive federal spending and appear to bring down the deficit so those in office will get re-elected. I believe, in four years, when the benefits are suppose to kick in, we will be told there are no funds available and healthcare rationing will begin.

7. Do you agree or disagree with cap and trade legislation?

I believe natural resources should not be wasted. I also believe cap and trade must be championed by China and supported by other countries before the United States decides to travel down this road.

8. Do Americans pay too much, too little or just the right amount on Federal Taxes? What would you do about it?

Some pay too little, some too much and others pay just the right in taxes. I don't believe in an income tax. I don't support a flat tax because it isn't based on discretionary income. I believe a consumption tax (National Sales Tax) plus an equity tax should be used to pay for a limited Federal Government.

9. Should Congress address the high cost of gasoline in America? If so, how? If not, why not? Do you support drilling for oil in ANWAR? Offshore on the Continental shelf?

Congress should remove all taxes from gasoline. This would remove their incentive to support the high cost of gasoline. Then Congress should create more competition between oil companies and support the creation of more refineries. How can the United States not support drilling for oil in ANWAR when it supports drilling in the backyards of every other country? But on this issue it is the demand side we need to address. If Americans drove the same cars as the Europeans and Asians there would be no concern over drilling.

10. What federal politician do you admire most and why?

None! I consider myself to be a reformist and not a politician. As a reformist, I view politicians as the enemy.

11. Do you support continued funding for keeping our troops in Afghanistan? Is Muslim terrorism a threat to America?

No. Yes, Muslim terrorism is a threat to America. The Muslim threat can only be defused through counter terrorism intelligence and focused force.

12. What is your position on Congressional earmarks? If elected, what principles will you use to decide whether to vote for them? Will you seek them for your congressional district, it elected? What criteria will you use?

The problem is not earmarks; the problem is the process of earmarks. Earmarks are used to buy votes. When a budget is prepared all expenditures should be "earmarked." However, the process should be objective and non-political. Earmarks should be determined based on need - not political clout. As an American, I would seek earmarks for those who needed them the most.

13. Should the federal government do anything to support the value of the dollar on the world market? Why or why not? Should we modify any of our free trade agreements? Why or why not? Should we seek more free trade agreements?

The federal government should stop growing the money supply (printing money) which will support the value of the dollar. Yes, we should modify our free trade agreements. An average-hourly-payroll modifier should be used to balance out the inequity of using slave labor by some countries. The long term goal should be free trade. The United States must bring manufacturing back to the USA and force corporations to stop taking advantage of slave labor.

14. Should "Under God" be removed from the Pledge of Allegiance and/or "In God We Trust" be removed from our currency by an Act of Congress? Why or why not?

No! The word "God" means many things to many people. Anyone who has a problem with the word doesn't possess the core values of our country and should be allowed to relocate to a country that supports that person's meaning of the word.

15. Have you signed a "No New Taxes" pledge? Why or why not?

No! Only a politician would tell you there won't be new taxes. Anyone who understands the current financial position of the United States will tell you it is impossible for the country to survive without new taxes. The question is not "Will there be new taxes?" the question is "How will new taxes be structured?"

16. Do you favor or oppose federal sexual non-discrimination workplace legislation?

I favor any legislation that opposes general discrimination, including reverse discrimination, and requires all decisions be based on merit.

17. Have you signed a "no new tax" pledge?

No. See above.

18. Have you signed the Manhattan Declaration? If not, why not?

Though I support the Manhattan Declaration, it is my duty to represent the people of the 23rd district. No matter how noble or just a special interest is it would be wrong for me to put myself in the possible position of not being able to represent the people I am elected to represent.

19. Have you signed the "Repeal It!" ( pledge? Why or why not?

Though I oppose the universal healthcare plan (see question #6), it is my duty to represent the people of the 23rd district. No matter how noble or just a special interest is it would be wrong for me to put myself in the possible position of not being able to represent the people I am elected to represent.

Questions you didn't ask

20. What is your most innovative idea to bring about an honest government?

I plan on contracting for Congress. I'm prepared to sign a written contract to back up my campaign promises. My contract would not be a ceremonial contract like the "Contract with America" but a legally binding contract with harsh penalties for non-compliance. For example, I have promised never to vote in favor of a deficit budget and if I do I will pay $50,000.00 for breach of contract. My contract for Congress would be designed by an Independent Citizens Oversight Committee.

21. Congress didn't see and therefore did not prevent the major financial crisis of 2008-2009. Do you see another financial crisis and if so do you have a plan to prevent it?

Yes, there is another major financial crisis ahead of us. I don't think Congress will handle next financial crisis any better than they handled the last one. Congress is void of financial expertise and it is financially na´ve. To avoid the next financial crisis requires not only dealing with Wall Street but also Corporate America. Two opponents Congress is afraid to take on. Without strong and swift action the average American family is going to dearly suffer.

In the meantime, we need to bring back the Mom & Pop store era and break up "too big to fail" industries while fighting corruption and greed at every level of government.

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