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San Mateo County, CA November 3, 2009 Election
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Our Community Deserves Full Consideration Under the Law

By Dennis C. Scherzer

Candidate for Board Member; East Palo Alto Sanitary District

This information is provided by the candidate
There are many forms of justice. East Palo Alto Sanitary District (EPASD) residents are being denied basic constitutional rights by the incumbernt Board of Directors.
When a Special District such as EPASD places its service charges on the tax roll, they become a property tax.

The California Constitution clearly states that government agencies such as EPASD shall follow the procedures described below when imposing or increasing any fee or charge:

The parcels upon which a fee or charge is proposed for imposition shall be identified.

The amount of the fee or charge proposed to be imposed upon each parcel shall be calculated.

The agency shall provide written notice by mail of the proposed fee or charge to the record owner of each identified parcel upon which the fee or charge is proposed for imposition, the amount of the fee or charge proposed to be imposed upon each, the basis upon which the amount of the proposed fee or charge was calculated, the reason for the fee or charge, together with the date, time, and location of a public hearing on the proposed fee or charge.

Although the EPASD Board has just imposed one of the largest tax increases in the District's 70-year history, not one property owner was notified of the increase.

There has been no public hearing. Just a new and increased tax on homeowners, businesses, schools, and churches. Aren't we being taxed enough already?

Additionally, although the EPASD Board and staff have received numerous requests for information justifying this and previous illegal increases, they have refused to respond and continue to ignore our Constitutional rights.

It will take a broad action by the residents of our community to correct this problem. Although I will only be one vote on the EPASD Board, I will be a voice for the community where now there is none. I will have access to factual information about how the EPASD's taxes are being formulated and imposed, and I will ensure that the community also has access - and receives vital information.

We have come too far to permit a situation like this to persist. This is our community, and we pay for the operation of the EPASD. In fact, we currently pay much more than other similar small districts statewide. EPASD taxes are more than they need to be.

Injustices, such as the illegal and wholly inappropriate EPASD taxes, will continue to be heaped upon us unless we speak out. Once that the EPASD Board is made to know that the illegal and unfair taxes will not be tolerated in our community, they will be compelled to bring their financial practices in line with the law.

With my voice truly representing the community at EPASD, all of us can be heard - and none will be turned away. Thank you.

Vote November 3rd for Dennis C. Scherzer, East Palo Alto Sanitary District Board of Directors.

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