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Los Angeles County, CA March 3, 2009 Election
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Generally 5.5% voter turn out for the Community College Election

By Jane F (Ardigo) Scott

Candidate for Member of the Board of Trustees; Los Angeles Community College District; Office 6

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When good people do nothing, corruption prevails.
It is time to take a stand for what we believe and vote in this March 3 election. Voting all incumbents out of office, at all levels of government, is long overdue. If an elected official can't get the job done in 1, possibly 2 terms, they need to be replaced promptly. There is no business that can afford to keep an unproductive employee on the payroll for 8, 12, or more years. If a political official can't do the job, you have the right and duty to FIRE him/her by voting them out of office. Unless you vote on March 3, you have no right to complain about the downward spiral encompassing our 9 Los Angeles Community Colleges.

There are 3 million plus voters in the 77 cities eligible to vote in this Los Angeles County election. About 300,000 taxpayers or less will either fire or hire new employees. Taxpayers, you are getting minimal value for your dollar. Demand more from the Board of Trustees - Los Angeles Community College District. Past voters put your and their children and grandchildren 7 BILLION DOLLARS in debt for the next 30 years when they passed TAX BOND "J" this past November. What a great legacy "for the children."

Holding a political office was NEVER intended to be a life long career. Therefore, I am asking for your support to replace an incumbent on the present Board.

Thank you for your vote.

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