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Contra Costa County Ballot

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March 3, 2009 Election

Official Results as of 3/9/2009
City | Local Measures
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Polling Location on March 3, 7am - 8pm
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Contests for all precincts in Contra Costa County, CA combined are shown below.
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  • City

    Member, Town Council; Proposed Town of AlamoClick here for more info on this contest including known links to other sites (5 Elected)
    Because Measure A did not pass, no candidates were elected to an Alamo Town Council.

    • Grace Schmidt
      2076 votes 10.4%
    • Vicki Koc
      1978 votes 9.9%
    • Steve Mick
      1935 votes 9.7%
    • Randy Nahas
      1875 votes 9.4%
    • Bob Connelly
      1842 votes 9.2%
    • Karen McPherson
      1189 votes 5.9%
    • Vishwas "Vish" More
      1142 votes 5.7%
    • Roger Smith
      1115 votes 5.6%
    • Brad Waite
      1086 votes 5.4%
    • Diane M. Barley
      1070 votes 5.3%
    • Dennis Johnson
      934 votes 4.7%
    • Joseph A. "Joe" Rubay
      899 votes 4.5%
    • John W. Morrow
      789 votes 3.9%
    • Kevin G. Morrow
      692 votes 3.5%
    • Brad Stribling
      584 votes 2.9%
    • Karl K. Niyati
      534 votes 2.7%
    • (268 Total Write-In Votes 1.3%)

    Local Measures

    Measure A Incorporation Measure -- Proposed Town of Alamo (Majority Approval Required)
    Fail: 2468 / 35.6% Yes votes ...... 4456 / 64.4% No votes
    Shall the order of the Contra Costa Local Agency Formation Commission, adopted on September 18, 2008, as Resolution No. 07-27, ordering the incorporation of the territory described and designated in Resolution No. 07-27 as the "Incorporation of the Town of Alamo", be confirmed, subject to the terms and conditions specified in Resolution No. 07-27? INCORPORACI"N PROPUESTA DEL PUEBLO DE ALAMO: øDeberá confirmarse la orden de la Comisión de Formación de las Agencias Locales de Contra Costa, adoptada el 18 de septiembre de 2008, como la Resolución Nº 07-27, que ordena la incorporación del territorio descrito y designado en la Resolución Nº 07-27 como la ìIncorporación del Pueblo de Alamoî, sujeta a los términos y condiciones especificados en la Resolución Nº 07-27?

    Measure B Parcel Tax -- Orinda Union School District (2/3 Approval Required)
    Pass: 5384 / 70.7% Yes votes ...... 2226 / 29.3% No votes
    To provide secure local funding for all Orinda K-8 students; reduce the impact of state budget cuts; maintain small class sizes and neighborhood schools; attract and retain skilled, qualified teachers with competitive compensation and training; and protect classroom programs and strong core academics, shall the Orinda Union School District be authorized to levy a parcel tax of $124 per year per parcel, with citizen oversight, no funds used for administrators' salaries, and every dollar staying in Orinda Union School District? IMPUESTO A LAS PARCELAS DEL DISTRITO ESCOLAR DE ORINDA UNION MEDIDA B

    Para proveer financiamiento local asegurado a todos los alumnos de K-8 de Orinda; reducir el impacto de los recortes presupuestarios del estado; mantener el tamaño reducido de las clases y escuelas vecinales; atraer y retener docentes especializados y calificados con compensaciones competitivas y capacitación; y proteger los programas de las aulas y las principales e intensas materias académicas, ødeberá autorizarse al Distrito Escolar de Orinda Union a aplicar un impuesto a las parcelas de $124 por año por parcela, con la supervisión de los ciudadanos, sin utilizar fondos para los salarios de los administradores, y conservando cada dólar en el Distrito Escolar de Orinda Union?

    The order of the contests and candidates on this ballot representation is NOT necessarily the same as your county's official ballot.
    If you print and mark your choices on this page and take it to the polls instead of an official sample ballot, be very careful.

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