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Alameda, Contra Costa, Sacramento, San Joaquin Counties, CA November 4, 2008 Election
Smart Voter Political Philosophy for Abram Wilson

Candidate for
Member of the State Assembly; District 15

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It's Time to Change the Tone of Politics in Sacramento

Tax Hikes Will Only Hurt the Economy

As a fiscal conservative, I believe we need less spending, not higher taxes to solve our budgetary problems. Gasoline prices are skyrocketing, home values are down, the economy is stagnating, and like families everywhere, government must tighten its belt. If we sunset all programs, it will force the Legislature to spend more time on oversight and that will improve delivery of vital services.

Also, as Mayor of San Ramon, I balanced the city budget every year while creating a "rainy day" reserve. We need budgetary discipline at the State Capitol and I support a spending cap based on population and inflation growth that mandates a reserve for when times are tough.

Control Traffic Congestion By Managing Growth

While Chairman of the Contra Costa Mayors Conference, I pushed for regional growth control plans that will help reduce traffic congestion. And, I'll work with the Metropolitan Transportation Commission to ensure that every penny of our gasoline taxes are spent on traffic relief projects.

Let's expand I-580 to five lanes in both directions while adding HOV lanes, expedite a fourth bore in the Caldecott Tunnel, add I-680/Route 24 Interchange HOV lanes, build BART stations in Brentwood and Livermore, widen Vasco Road to four lanes with a full length median barrier, continue Highway 99 safety projects, improve I-680/Highway 4 interchange and enhance our trade corridor between the Port of Oakland and Port of Stockton.

Our Local Schools Must Receive Full Funding

Both of my parents were public school teachers, so I have a deep commitment to making sure our local schools receive their fair share of "equalization" funding. In fact, the state Department of Education estimates that $130 million is still needed to achieve "full" equalization for all shortchanged schools.

With the state in a deep financial hole, I believe we can stretch the dollar by reducing inflexible categorical grants so that our local schools can spend those funds as they see fit. And, it makes no sense for local schools to pay for a mandated program when the state doesn't fully fund it and I will always vote to keep the high school exit exam.

No Early Release So We Keep Convicts Behind Bars

Protecting our neighborhoods has always been my highest priority and that's why I'll vote against the early release of prisoners . . . every time, all the time. And, I support Proposition 6 + the Safe Neighborhoods Act + a comprehensive public safety funding initiative that targets street gangs and drug dealers that also increases funding for local law enforcement.

Additionally, I will lead the charge against those liberal legislators who want to weaken "Three Strikes, You're Out" and "Megan's Law" - two important laws that punish violent thugs and protect our children from sexual predators. And, illegal immigrant criminals must be deported the moment they complete their jail term.

Provide Access to Affordable, Quality Health Care

Costs are spiraling out of control for Californians. In order to solve the problem, aggressive market-based solutions must be implemented that will enable health care to become more accessible as a result of lowered costs.

A government-run, universal health care program will only lower quality and create the rationing of health care. Let's allow individuals to carry their health insurance between jobs, permit tax deductions for all medical expenses, encourage out-of-state insurers to compete in California and expand community-based health clinics.

There's a Right Way and Wrong Way to Enter Our Country

We live in a nation of laws that must be respected. It makes no sense to reward illegal immigrants by granting them driver licenses or free college tuition. Legal immigration has enriched both California and America, but we must have a state border patrol to stop illegal immigration.

Currently, too many bio-tech and high-tech companies are struggling to find domestic technical labor and that's hurting our businesses. I'll work with the federal government to increase H-1B visa quotas and allow immigrants who obeyed the law to enter our work force.

Protecting the Delta & Ensuring Clean Drinking Water

It's vital that we invest in water-based infrastructure and reservoir improvements that include expanding Los Vacquerous Reservoir. However, I not only oppose the creation of a peripheral canal that will only siphon off northern California's water resources, but we also must protect our fragile environment as we increase our water capacity.

Furthermore, levee improvements in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta have been ignored far too long and it's imperative that we expedite flood protection. I'll work to ensure that Proposition 1E & Proposition 84 funds are spent wisely in order to repair erosion, fortify our levees and enhance flood control.

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