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San Diego County, CA November 4, 2008 Election
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Candidate State-A Better MiraCosta

By Steve "Esteban" Scheibe

Candidate for Trustee; Miracosta Community College District; Trustee Area 3

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Summary of necessity to move beyond past turmoil, build consensus and ensure accreditation, communication and participation in the governance of MiraCosta College
A Better MiraCosta

As MiraCosta Community College celebrates it 75th anniversary, it is time for renewal and transformation. I seek election to the Board of Trustees because I have the background and the experience to bring about change. The current Board of Trustees has gone through a particularly troublesome period. The scandals and lawsuits have tarnished the school's reputation at a tremendous cost to the community. Students have been hurt, the faculty and the administration have been admonished, and the Board of Trustees has been warned. The November election offers an opportunity for renewal, transformation and improvement and I ask for your vote with the promise that we can do better.I have an excellent education partially due to presence of the community college system. I was fortunate to attend College of San Mateo in the sixties and subsequently gain admission to UC Berkeley. Later in the sixties, I attended community college in Connecticut and obtained a full scholarship to an elite eastern university. I have experienced first hand the benefits of community colleges when they commit themselves to their main mission of promoting student success and enabling students to give back to the community. My college experience contributed to my success as a university professor and as a businessperson.It is time at MiraCosta to rebuild consensus on campus and rededicate itself to "teaching and learning" in a framework of "collegiality and shared governance". The current Board members, the past administration, the faculty and the staff all recognize the breakdown and the train wreck that occurred. Now is the time to pick up the pieces and get back to basics.My platform is a simple and direct: accreditation, communication and participation.Accreditation should not be an issue in a wealthy district, in a setting known for excellence, at a school with an accomplished faculty and an experienced administrattion and at an institution over 70 years old. It is a "no brainer". It should be virtually automatic. However, MiraCosta has been warned and governance has been the issue. This is not acceptable and the Board and the whole community need to be held accountable. Recently, Dr. Susan Cota, the Interim Superintendent/President was compelled to send out a mailer with assurances on the accreditation issue. Albeit, necessary, this was sad and distressing. So I advocate that we continue to take the steps to assure accreditation and put this issue to rest. The students deserve this as does the community.By law and tradition, the meetings of the Board of Trustees are open to the public. However, the Board has not been effective in its dialog with the campus community and the community at large. There has been a polarization and accusations of secrecy with reported divisions of the Board into the "opposition" minority and the so-called majority. This polarization arises in part out of poor communication. To communicate well, the Board members must listen well and I promise to listen to not only fellow board members but to all those in the community who are willing to contribute in a positive fashion.MiraCosta sits on a hill with a lovely view of the Oceanside community and the San Elijo campus is nested next to the lagoon. These beautiful settings should draw the community. Nevertheless, many feel that the college has become an "ivory tower" isolated from the surrounding neighbors. It is time for the college with the support of the Board to reach out and regain community trust and participation. As Trustee, I will support responsible involvement and participation at all levels: community outreach, shared governance, diversity and interaction. Let's participate together in making MiraCosta a better place.

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