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San Diego County, CA November 4, 2008 Election
Smart Voter Political Philosophy for Barbara Denny

Candidate for
Mayor; City of Coronado

This information is provided by the candidate

Public Safety

I will support our police officers, firefighters and lifeguards with the
personnel, training and equipment they need to keep us safe.

We have heard our elected officials tell us there is no money to solve the recruitment and retention problems from which our Police and Fire Departments suffer, yet our reserves are very high and Coronado receives back a large portion of the property taxes we pay. This makes City Hall abundant with funds to spend on public safety, if public safety was truly a priority.

Understaffing of our Fire Department renders Coronado ill-prepared to respond to man-made or natural disaster, including an earthquake.

The duty of municipal government is to provide for public safety. While a small town does not necessarily need to meet national standards exactly, our Firefighters cannot provide a level of service appropriate and necessary given our geographic location, population and density. The reason is that we have failed our duty to provide for public safety by withholding resources which our Firefighters need to keep us and themselves safe. These resources include, but are not limited to, a ladder truck.

I will see that our tax dollars are spent wisely and make Coronado a safer place to live.


I oppose the tunnel as unsafe and an extravagant waste of public funds. I will implement a practical traffic plan for our entire island.

As a former board member of the Coronado Transportation Management Association, I have the experience and ability to recognize and implement a winning traffic mitigation plan for our island so that residents will have pleasant driving, pedestrian and cycling experiences once again and customers will be attracted to a positive shopping experience in our town. Congestion not only slows down our community, but our economy as well.

Overbuilding and Historic Resources

As Mayor I will ensure that we make land use decisions based on smart growth principles and historic preservation.

One of my issues of concern is the erosion of historic preservation and overbuilding. I think we are changing the essential character of our town and erasing our history in a piecemeal fashion without any appreciation for the big picture of what we have lost and continue to lose with each decision by our current city leaders. It is my position that Coronado has reached an unhealthy imbalance between our need to preserve the unique history of our town and the need of out of town developers to make a living.

As a current Coronado homeowner and former college history major, I value historic preservation very highly. As a lawyer with land use experience, I will be a Mayor that ensures we achieve the goal of smart growth. I can not bear to see further thoughtless tear-down decisions of our historic buildings including, but not limited to, our island cottages which are one of our many treasures which make living here a joy.

Coronado Sharp Hospital

I will ensure that our community Hospital is here to stay.

As an advocate for public safety and surgeon's wife, I understand the critical need for our hospital. There have been past attempts to bring needed aid to the hospital but they have failed. I will use my legal background and knowledge to ensure that we protect our hospital to meet the needs of our community while we protect our tax dollars by spending them wisely and avoiding costly litigation.

Coronado's Business Community

I will promote a thriving business community which benefits all of us.

As a former manager of a retail store on Orange Avenue, I have the experience and understanding of the relevant issues to support our business owners and workers with practical, realistic solutions to their problems including, but not limited to, translating foot traffic into sales and instituting/
increasing internet sales.

Senior Citizens

I will ensure that our senior citizens are not forgotten, but included in every step of our community decision-making process so that their needs are well taken care of by our municipal government.

Clean Water, Beaches and Bays

I believe we can do a better job of promoting and protecting our best asset: clean beaches with clean water in which to swim, surf, sailboard, kayak, jet ski, sail and boat.

As a lawyer with land use and water law experience, I am uniquely qualified to serve as Mayor and address the general challenge we face: Providing residents and others with a clean, safe beach environment year round on our island. Our beautiful beaches are what distinguish us from other communities.

I will revitalize City Hall with a fresh perspective and innovative ideas to enhance our quality of life.

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