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San Diego County, CA November 4, 2008 Election
Proposition B
Marine Freight Preservation and Bayfront Redevelopment Initiative
San Diego Port Authority

Majority Approval Required

Fail: 162502 / 29.87% Yes votes ...... 381593 / 70.13% No votes

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Results as of Jan 24 10:40am
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Shall the San Diego Unified Port District's Master Plan be Amended by the Adoption of "The Port of San Diego Marine Freight Preservation and Bayfront Redevelopment Initiative?"

Meaning of Voting Yes/No
A YES vote on this measure means:
A "yes" vote is a vote in favor of amending the Port District's Master Plan.

A NO vote on this measure means:
A "no" vote is a vote against amending the Port District's Master Plan.

Impartial Analysis from County Council
Proposition B is an initiative that proposes to amend the Master Plan of the San Diego Unified Port District. The Port District has adopted a Master Plan that divides the Port's jurisdiction into planning areas, and then establishes how each area will be developed.

Proposition B concerns the uses of the Marine Terminal and Crosby Street Corridor planning areas. The Tenth Avenue Terminal is located within these two planning areas.

The current Master Plan limits uses in the Marine Terminal and Crosby Street Corridor planning areas to primarily marine oriented industrial and supporting transportation uses. One portion of the Crosby Street Corridor area is currently planned for public access to the waterfront with a 3.2 acre public recreation area adjacent to the bay. The Master Plan also "forsees continuation and intensification of cargo operations at the Tenth Street Terminal," and plans to include facilities for repair, servicing, berthing cargo handling for fishing, commercial and military vessels.

In summary, Proposition B, if approved, would amend the Port Master Plan, as follows:

  • Consolidates most of the Marine Terminal and Crosby Street Corridor planning areas into a new area entitled the Tenth Avenue Marine Terminal Multi-Use Maritime District ("Terminal District"). An area near the Terminal District, the Railroad Yard, would be created with predominately heavy rail related uses.
  • Changes the uses authorized in the Master Plan for the Terminal District areas as follows:
  • Priority would be given to marine freight and storage activities, developing a new cruise ship terminal, improving access to the Tenth Street Terminal and waterfront, and constructing a parking facility and public recreation facilities such as parks and bike paths.
  • Adds language to the Master Plan permitting and encouraging development of the airspace above the Tenth Street Terminal for uses such as an aquarium, a venue for concerts and sporting events, hotels, restaurants and retail shops. The particular uses and their locations are to be determined through a consultative process with interested groups such as port tenants; labor organizations; environmental, community and business groups; and, visitor or convention groups.
  • Requires the Port District to select a private development entity within 60 days of the initiative's effective date and then negotiate an agreement with that entity to redevelop the Terminal District in accordance with the Master Plan as revised by this initiative.
  • Requires the private development entity to: ensure that concerns of marine freight tenants and their employees are incorporated into its redevelopment plan, consult with the Coast Guard and law enforcement agencies, and incorporate necessary and appropriate security measures in the redevelopment plan.
  • Prohibits using existing general funds or tax revenue from the Port District or any of its member cities. However, any new taxes raised as a result of the redevelopment may be use to implement the redevelopment plan.

The above statement is an impartial analysis of Proposition B. If you desire a copy of the ordinance or proposition, please call the port district office (619-686-6206) and a copy will be mailed at no cost to you. The entire initiative measure can also be viewed on the Port's website at

  Official Information

Unified Port of San Diego

Local News and Analysis

ABC 10 News San Diego

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Arguments For Proposition B Arguments Against Proposition B
More than 62,000 San Diegans signed petitions to put Proposition B on the ballot.

The initiative process in California was created in 1911 to wrest control of the political process away from special interests, especially the Southern Pacific Railroad, often called "The Octopus". "The Octopus" controlled the Legislature, the courts, even the press.

Today, in San Diego, a local version of the Octopus has repeatedly blocked proposals for improved public use of 97 acres of publicly owned waterfront land between the Convention Center and the Coronado Bridge, called the 10th Avenue Marine Terminal. Our local Octopus wants to protect its financial interests and those of their business friends.

More than 62,000 San Diegans signed petitions to open up these 97 prime waterfront acres for greater public use and to generate badly needed public revenue.

By conservative estimates, this property is worth $1 billion and can venerate tens of millions of dollars annually for cash starved local governments.

Proposition B guarantees existing maritime jobs at the 10th Avenue Terminal will be protected and expanded.

Proposition B calls for a visionary "decking" of the terminal, in order to permit cargo offloading, parking, and other commercial uses to continue at ground level while a pedestrian waterfront promenade and a variety of other public uses can be developed on the top deck.

Proposition B requires the Port District to seek proposals and public input to put the 10- Street Terminal to better public use. Among the ideas:

  • a soccer/football stadium,
  • expansion of the Convention Center,
  • a new cruise ship terminal,
  • a new concert and sports arena,
  • a world class aquarium, and
  • 10,000 parking spaces for downtown, Petco Park and the Convention Center.

Proposition B redevelops the Tenth Avenue Terminal at no cost to taxpayers. Instead, Proposition B will generate public revenues.

Partner, San Diego Community Solutions

President & CEO
Broadcast Company of the Americas


Retired CEO

Water Board Director

Rebuttal to Arguments For
The developers behind Proposition B are now blaming a "vast Octopus conspiracy". They need a fact check:

Fact: One of the largest coalitions in San Diego County history agrees- NO ON B. This includes local Congressmembers (both Democrats and Republicans), Mayors of San Diego, Coronado, National City, Chula Vista and Imperial Beach, both the Chamber of Commerce and Labor, Environmentalists, Taxpayers, and Military groups.

Fact: 62,000 residents did not sign petitions to give 97 acres of prime waterfront to developers. Most people signed petitions to place flawed proposal on the ballot and let the voters decide. You can vote "Yes" to close down maritime freight shipping forever or NO on B to save our working waterfront.

Fact: While developers say that their concrete slab, high-rise development plan will be "at no cost to taxpayers", they're not telling you that Proposition B will ruin the economic viability of the working waterfront - costing us $1.8 BILLION in annual revenue as reported by San Diego Institute for Policy Research.

Fact: Proposition B includes no guarantees that maritime jobs at the Port will be protected and expanded - 19,000 total area jobs could be lost or negatively impacted.

Fact:Proposition B and the end of Maritime shipping will put 93,000 semi-trucks on our highways and roads annually- making pollution and traffic even worse. Military experts confirm that Proposition B will endanger our safety by threatening a key Department of Defense strategic port.

Don't fall for the "conspiracy theory" behind Proposition B. See the plan for yourself: Vote NO on B.

San Diego World Trade Center

Chairman, San Diego Port Tenants Association

UCSD Professor of Political Science and
Specialist on Ports

Former California State Senator

Trustee, Machinists Union #389
Trustee, San Diego Community College District
Don't be fooled by the Developers behind Proposition B and their phony-titled ballot measure.

Every Port Commissioner as well as military, labor, civic and business leaders strongly oppose Proposition B because it does nothing to preserve marine freight. Instead of the open spaces and bike paths promised in the measure, what it will really do is enable a 100 acre bayfront "land grab" that will ruin the economic viability of the waterfront with concrete, high-rise hotels, and a football stadium.

This is how the bait and switch would hurt the region:

  • Proposition B will allow Developers to cover the Tenth Avenue Terminal with a 100 acre concrete slab deck, high-rise hotels and a football stadium.
  • The loss of port capacity for cargo ships will result in the loss of more than 19,000 jobs for San Diego County.
  • The jobs that will be lost due to Proposition B are solid, good paying jobs, with sustainable salaries and benefits that help keep San Diego's middle class afloat.
  • The region would also lose over $1.8 BILLION in annual revenue during an economic downturn.
  • Proposition B would mean that over 245 ships every year couldn't dock in San Diego; On average, 379 semi-trucks would be needed to transport the goods and freight from each ship turned away! That's over 93,000 additional trucks driving through San Diego County annually
    - burning gas, causing pollution, clogging roads and freeways.
  • Proposition B would severely impact the environment and adjacent communities by causing more pollution.
  • Military experts agree that Proposition B would create a security risk for the port and could also mean that we would lose the Navy.
  • Is it worth losing thousands of jobs, adding more trucks to our highways, and risking our community's safety and the Navy for the benefit of Developers?

See the bad plan for yourself:


San Diego Port of San Diego

San Diego County Taxpayers Association

President, SDMAC
(San Diego Military Affairs Advisory Council)

San Diego Labor Council

Executive Director, Environmental Health Coalition

Rebuttal to Arguments Against
Our opponents are 100% wrong. Read the objective title and summary, prepared by San Diego County Counsel:

  • Proposition B will "preserve marine freight."
  • Proposition B guarantees all existing business and jobs will be protected, not eliminated!

    Proposition B. A visionary leap forward.

  • Take 90 under-utilized public acres of waterfront and thrust them into the center of a dynamic 21 °Century San Diego.
  • Open 90 prime waterfront acres for public use and to generate badly needed monies for local government.
  • Open possible sites for a Chargers stadium, a world class aquarium, a new cruise ship terminal, Convention Center expansion, public open space on the waterfront, a new sports arena and concert venue, new convention hotels.
  • Create 10,000 badly needed parking spaces for the Convention Center, Petco Park and the Gaslamp District.

No Taxpayer cost. All of this with NO public financing. No public bonds. No new taxes. No ticket guarantees.

It's the law. Proposition B projects must meet strict engineering standards and all government regulations (including Navy and Homeland Security) - or they will simply not be built.

Think boldly San Diego. Cities all over the world use "air rights" to unlock value, increase revenues and boost their tax base. New York City's Park Avenue boasts 5 Star Hotels, luxury apartments and Class A office buildings built on air rights above the rail yards leading to Grand Central Station.

62,000 San Diegans signed


to put Proposition B on the ballot ...

and the Opponents sued to deny us the right to vote.

San Diego Community Solutions

Retired CEO

Non-profit Director

Water Board Director


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