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San Diego County, CA February 5, 2008 Election
Proposition B
Approval of construction of Lifeguard Service Building
City of Coronado

Majority Approval Required

Pass: 4431 / 68.0% Yes votes ...... 2086 / 32.0% No votes

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In the event that Proposition A shall be approved by a majority of the voters of the City of Coronado, shall the construction of the Lifeguard Public Safety Service Building at Coronado Beach be approved?

Impartial Analysis from Coronado City Attorney
Proposition B is a measure being presented by the Coronado City Council simultaneous with Proposition A, seeking approval of the registered voters for the construction of a 2,574 square foot lifeguard public safety service building on the Coronado beach.

(Proposition A, if approved by the voters, will amend the land use plan of the City of Coronado local coastal program (the "LCP") to require voter approval prior to the construction of new or expanded permanent lifeguard facilities, restroom facilities, or bike paths on the sandy beach area of the City of Coronado.)

Proposition B seeks the approval of the registered voters of the City of Coronado for the construction of the lifeguard public safety service building in a location approximately 250 feet north of the lifeguard tower, 70 feet northwest of the existing Central Beach restrooms, and adjacent to the rock revetment that lines Ocean Boulevard. While the specific project has already obtained approval of the Coronado City Council, the purpose of Proposition B is to comply with any requirement for voter approval added to the City's LCP by Proposition A, which is on this same ballot. Approval of Proposition B, therefore, would allow the City of Coronado to proceed with the construction of the proposed project, taking into consideration seasonal use of the beach and environmental concerns.

Proposition B is not a referendum of the decision of the City Council to approve the proposed project. If Proposition A is not approved by the voters, Proposition B will be of no force or effect. However, if Proposition A is approved, voter approval of Proposition B will satisfy any condition for voter approval of the project required by the City's LCP.

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Arguments For Proposition B Arguments Against Proposition B
A Yes Vote on this measure is required if Proposition A passes to enable the construction of a lifeguard support building that houses essential life saving equipment and facilities for lifeguards to provide public safety assistance to beachgoers. The building would contain equipment and facilities typically found in a lifeguard tower. In Coronado, the equipment and facilities were designed to be in a separate building tucked against the rock revetment below rock level (like the restrooms) so as not to be visible on the beach. The building is permitted on the beach by Coronado's Local Coastal Plan and has been approved by the City Council and Coastal Commission.

A lengthy process began over 4 years ago when the lifeguard tower at Central Beach was found to be structurally unsafe. A new tower was designed to house the facilities and equipment needed by lifeguards including an observation deck, communications equipment and facilities, a first aid room with supplies and sink (not present in the existing tower), lifeguard lockers and showers (OSHA required), and lifeguard equipment and supplies. As requested by neighbors, all but the observation deck, first aid room, and communications equipment were removed from the tower and placed in an ancillary building to reduce the tower footprint. These facilities and equipment must be accessible from the beach.

A small group of residents challenged the lifeguard support building over the past four years. Despite delaying construction of this public safety building and costing taxpayers' money in legal fees, the plan has overcome all scrutiny. Construction costs have increased dramatically during this time and will continue to increase if construction is further delayed. Help avoid further delays and let the lifeguards do their jobs. Vote Yes on Proposition B.





No argument against the proposition was filed in the office of the City Clerk.

Full Text of Proposition B

The people of the City of Coronado do hereby ordain as follows:

Section 1. That a lifeguard public safety service building, approximately 2,574 square feet in size, to be located at central Coronado beach, approximately 70 feet northwest of the Central Beach Restroom and adjacent to the rock revetment that lines Ocean Boulevard, is hereby approved for construction.

Section 2. That should the citizens' initiative submitted to the voters at the same election as this initiative, amending the land use plan of the City of Coronado Local Coastal Program, fail to receive a majority of affirmative votes then, in that event, this initiative shall be deemed null and void, and of no further force and effect.

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