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California State Government November 7, 2006 Election
Smart Voter Political Philosophy for Kent P. Mesplay, Ph.D.

Candidate for
United States Senator

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Greens value security in that our issues tie into sustainability: Peace, Social Justice, Environmental Protection and Electoral Reform bring about both long-term and short-term stability. I am especially an advocate of Renewable Energy, particularly solar and wind, and my long-range goal is to support indigenous societies such as the rain-forest dwellers with whom I grew up in New Guinea and Native Americans (I have Blackfoot ancestry). I have several state-directed goals along this senatorial campaign trail and I invite you to join me (

In addition to improving our security by working toward state energy-independence based upon revitalized renewable energy markets I have the following goals:

  • improve our political system. Greens want public funding of campaigns, reduced lobbying and fair voting methods

  • support single-payer health care, or national health insurance and a higher baseline of basic medical coverage

  • improve relations with Mexico and work toward respecting our immigrant work force

  • support local Green Party candidates throughout the state; build the Green party; get people to vote

I am running as a write-in candidate for U.S. Senate in part to force myself to organize and begin my run for U.S. President, 2008. If you have skills that you would like to donate while working to improve our physical security and our democracy through this campaign I would appreciate your help. I am particularly interested in artists and musicians and other Cultural Creatives who are not afraid to exhibit civic-mindedness in colorful, positive, visible ways. Our party continually works to improve campaign finance rules and many Greens view paid lobbying as a form of legalized bribery. We want to get "big money" out of politics as it harms the problem-solving ability of government.

Much of the money in politics goes toward T.V. coverage. One of my long-range goals is to help develop a fair, inclusive debate structure allowing multi-party access to broadcast debates which tones down the current system in which candidates essentially buy elections by buying media coverage.

Thanks in advance for voting for me by writing in Kent P. Mesplay for U.S. Senate.

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