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Marin, Sonoma County, CA November 7, 2006 Election
Smart Voter Political Philosophy for Todd Hooper

Candidate for
United States Representative; District 6

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I want to do two things. First, I will expand the opportunities my generation enjoys and pass them on to our kids. Second, I will encourage our children to be better citizens than we are.

Today's political generations are bitterly partisan. Politicians habitually exaggerate differences, rarely seeking common ground.

The resulting short-sighted policies--policies of political cowardice--will plague our children. While we're setting a terrible civic example for the next generation, we're also robbing them of their rightful futures.

We can and must end this cycle, and get back to building our children's futures. I frame every issue in terms of how it impacts kids. I'm also spending time at our high schools and colleges, encouraging kids to braver political behavior.

So I am campaigning for the future of our kids.


The every-day safety of our kids is my top priority. That means strengthening programs like Amber Alert. We need to ensure strong child protection laws, especially against Internet predators and date-rape drugs. You'd think safety for our kids was common sense, but Lynn Woolsey actually voted against the Amber Alert program.

We have to stop piling up debts on our kids. If we want to pay for everything the Federal government has spent and committed to spend, each family in America needs to pay half a million dollars today! And that number grows. Responsible people must take control of our spending.

We need to preserve the beauty and livability of Sonoma and Marin for the next generation. We need roadways that allow us to get from our homes to our schools and jobs safely and easily. We need to prevent oil drilling off of our shores. We need to eliminate the ill effects of casinos in our back yards. And we should pressure the State to move San Quentin.


Let me highlight where I stand. You can read more about my position on specific issues on my website:

Common Sense Issues: We need capable people and common sense in Washington to tackle tough issues.

  • Support the Amber Alert system to protect children
  • Eliminate earmarks that waste billions of dollars
  • Restore line-item veto power to control spending (directly or through the power of impoundment)
  • Tackle the staggering costs of Social Security and Medicare
  • Provide parents more control and more choices over their kids' education
  • Overhaul the Alternative Minimum Tax that will gouge the middle class.

Common Ground Issues: We live in a remarkable place and share much in common. Let's keep Sonoma and Marin safe and beautiful, especially for our kids.
  • Strengthen our child protection laws, especially regarding Internet predators and date rape drugs
  • Halt the ill effects of casinos in our back yards
  • Prevent oil drilling off of the North Bay's coast
  • Explore environmental approaches like the bi-partisan McCain-Lieberman bill
  • Invest in our infrastructure...roads, levees ... that support our economy and make everyday life safe and convenient
  • Pressure the State to move San Quentin from our community.

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