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Marin, Sonoma County, CA November 7, 2006 Election
Smart Voter Political Philosophy for Michael Halliwell

Candidate for
United States Representative; District 6

This information is provided by the candidate

Political Philosophy for Mike Halliwell

Candidate for United States Representative; District 6

My write-in candidacy is necessary to maintain standing in my lawsuit being litigated in Sonoma County Superior Court. My February 15 Press Release, "6th CD GOP Candidate Challenges In-Lieu Signature Exclusion," explains the logic of this lawsuit (which is only now commencing adjudication with a hearing slated for November 14, 2006).

A good indication of how I would vote in Congress is my May 12 analysis of 44 specific roll call votes in "In Oregon in 1964 and Today `He Cared Enough to Come' Works." You can access any of these rolls on the official House website:

HR 2264 (1993) NAY Clinton's massive tax increase package

HR 2518 (1993) YEA Hyde Amendment limiting Medicaid abortion

HRes 222(1993) NAY A coverup of House Post Office Scandal

HR 4301 (1994) YEA Goss Amendment againt invasion of Haiti

HJRes416(1994) NAY Authorizing the use of US troops in Haiti

HJRes 1 (1995) YEA Balanced Budget Constitutional Amendment

HJRes102(1995) NAY Disapprove Base Closure recommendations

HR 5 (1995) YEA Unfunded mandate reform

HR 1943 (1995) YEA Deep ocean discharge of San Diego sewage

S 1332 (1995) NAY Moves US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem

HR 2003 (1996) YEA Deters hiring of illegal immigrants

HR 3396 (1996) YEA Defense of traditional marriage laws

HR 3734 (1996) YEA 5 year welfare limit, expanded job help

HR 3755 (1996) YEA Solomon Amend. allows military on campus

S 39 (1996) YEA Sustainable fisheries with catch limits

HRes139 (1997) YEA Dollars to classroom limit on overhead

HR 1428 (1998) YEA Citizenship check for voter eligibility

HR 4434 (1998) NAY Marin/Sonoma Casino gambling authority

S 1502 (1998) YEA DC low income student school vouchers

HConRes131(1999)NAY Oppose Palestinian 1947 partition rights

HR 1569 (1999) YEA Bars deploying US troops into Kosovo

HR 4892 (2000) NAY Revokes charter of Boy Scouts of America

HR 5528 (2000) NAY Ends Graton Rancheria no gambling pledge

HR 156 (2001) YEA Stand by your ad political campaign rule

HR 333 (2002) YEA Hyde/Schumer for abortion clinic access

HR 2155 (2002) YEA Penalizes intoxicated border crashing

HR 4664 (2002) NAY Shifts $35 million into GMO risk research

HR 1 (2003) YEA Medicare prescription drug coverage

HR 4 (2003) NAY Kucinich Amend. for immigrants on welfare

HR 2738 (2003) YEA Chile reciprocal reduction in tariffs

HR 2739 (2003) YEA Singapore reciprocal reduction in tariffs

HR 4181 (2004) YEA Permanent marriage penalty tax relief

HR 4275 (2004) YEA Makes permanent 10% income tax bracket

HConRes6(2005) YEA Recognizes contributions of Boy Scouts

HConRes36(2005) YEA Equal campus access for the military

HR 5 (2005) YEA Limits subjective pain & suffering awards

HR 8 (2005) YEA Eliminates Death Tax when it reaches 0%

HR 418 (2005) YEA Bars Drivers Licenses for illegal aliens

HR 767 (2005 NAY Single payer takeover of health care

HR 1800 (2005) YEA Personal accounts for 1/6 of Soc Sec tax

HR 1815 (2005) YEA National Defense Authorization of 2005

HR 3045 (2005) YEA CAFTA Caribbean joint production pact

HRes 60 (2005) YEA Applauds 2005 Iraqi election & our troops

S 256 (2005) YEA Upper income bankruptcy abuse reform

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