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Questions on Illegal Immigration

By Glenn McMillon, Jr.

Candidate for Secretary of State; American Independent Party

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Questions submitted to me via e-mail.
"Do you support the President's Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act, and do you hope this bill either passes into law or fails? Do you support any guest worker programs at this time?"

Whenever you hear the words, "Comprehensive Reform", what they really mean is amnesty. There is no way to enforce the provisions of the Bush plan. If there were, we would not have the problem we have now. What makes Bush think that illegals, who are already forging fake documents so that they can work here, will not forge documents stating they have been here for five years? I am for a plan, similar to Mexico's immigration policy, that secures the border and protects American jobs. Only after we stop illegal immigration should we even consider the possibility of a guest worker program.

"Do you support constructing a fence or wall all across (or some of the way across) the border to Mexico?"

Building a wall is one of many good ideas for keeping new illegals out. I support building the wall across the entire border. However, I believe that we need to address the reasons they come here as well. If we punish the employers, prevent the flow of money to Mexico, make English the national language, and give law enforcement the authority to deport illegals, they would not come in the first place.

"Do you support amnesty for illegals?"

I do not support rewarding law breakers with citizenship. That would be an insult to the millions who are trying to get into this country legally.

"Do you support earned citizenship for illegals?"

Amnesty by any other name is still amnesty. Anyone who really wants to be a part of this country should be willing to obey the laws of this country.

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